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I have traveled to over 100 countries, in my blog I give you tips on how to travel for great value, how to get commission for booking hotels / flights, how to get huge discounts and even free hotel stays / flights.  The end goal is for you to travel for completely free!  I also explain how to grow a large social media following and how to use the various social media platforms.

In my 20’s I was working in Bangkok and I wondered what it would be like to travel by land to Bangkok instead of flying, I was also interested in taking the trans-Siberian railway.  I finally got to make the trip from London to Bangkok by land. I enjoyed it so much that I planned 2 more land trips, Antarctica to Alaska and Nordkapp to Cape Town.

From these trips, and other short trips in-between, I gained a lot of travel experience, which lead me to the world of travel blogging.  In my blog I give tips and advice on how you can travel on your budget, whilst seeing the world and coming home with great photos and memories.


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Medellín to Cali

Medellín to Cali

You will find that the best area in the city to stay is El Poblado, you’ll feel safe during the day and night here.  Also from El Poblado it is easy to get to the metro and go to other parts of the city.

Cayenne to Kourou and Les Îles Du Salut

Cayenne to Kourou and Les Îles Du Salut

Suriname is the only Dutch speaking country in South America.  The picture above could be somewhere in Holland, it’s downtown Paramaribo.  While there’s not much to do in Paramaribo, there are plenty of shops, markets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Georgetown to the Brazil

Georgetown to the Brazil

St George’s cathedral is one of the tallest wooden cathedrals in the world and is definitely worth a visit.  Also in Georgetown there are lots of bars and restaurants, you’ll find it has a buzzing nightlife scene.  I stayed at the Tower suites which is not on booking but I would stay there again if I went back to Georgetown.

Antarctica to Ushuaia

Antarctica to Ushuaia via Cape Horn

I didn’t just appear in Antarctica, I flew to Buenos Aires and took a Celebrity Cruise to Antarctica.  The cruise spent 3 full days in Antarctica, with the unpredictable weather, only 1 day was clear, but on this day, the views were worth the long trip down and the cruise fee.  There are lots of mountains, glaciers, snow, icebergs and penguins.