2 11, 2016

Macapá to Cayenne via Oipoque

November 2nd, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Brazil, South America|0 Comments

Marco Zero monument, Macapá, Brazil Macapá is a major city at the end of the Amazon river, it's also located on the equator and it's very hot!  In the city itself, there is a well kept Fort which is definitely worth a visit, at this Fort, good photos are guaranteed!  There is also a pedestrian walk [...]

1 11, 2016

Belem to Macapa

November 1st, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Brazil, South America|0 Comments

Belem, Brazil The reason I have visited Belém is because I will travel to the 3 least heard of countries of South America, French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana.  From Beléms port, I can take a boat around the Amazon to the city of Macapa on the equator and travel further north by bus to these 3 [...]

31 10, 2016

São Luís to Belem

October 31st, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Brazil, South America|0 Comments

São Luís, Brazil The center of Sao Luis is a UNESCO world heritage site, so the center is a good place to stay.  It is full of well preserved colonial buildings (pictured above).  Most of the restaurants, hotels and bars, are found in these buildings, and also the market.  It is easy and relaxing to [...]

30 10, 2016

Fortaleza to São Luís via Barreirinhas

October 30th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Brazil, South America|0 Comments

Fortaleza, Brazil Fortaleza is a city famous for nightlife and for beaches.  There are lots of tours being sold everywhere, I even saw someone selling a 'visit 7 beaches in a day' tour.  I did not take any tour but went for a run on the beachfront pedestrian area and visited the bars of the [...]

29 10, 2016

Salvador to Fortaleza

October 29th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Brazil, South America|0 Comments

Olodum live in Salvador The main reason I wanted to visit Salvador was because Michael Jackson filmed his music video to 'They Don't Care About Us' here.  Olodum, the band which featured in his video, play live in Salvador, free of charge, at least once a week.  The part of Salvador featured in Michael's music [...]

28 10, 2016

Rio de Janiero to Salvador

October 28th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Brazil, South America|1 Comment

Rio Harbour Rio is home to one of the natural wonders of the world, Rio harbour.  The picture above is taken from the Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio harbour and Sugarloaf mountain.  If you get chance to take a helicopter tour of Rio this picture would look great with, Rio harbour, Sugarloaf mountain and the [...]

27 10, 2016

Puerto Iguazu to Rio de Jainero

October 27th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Argentina, South America|0 Comments

Iguazu waterfalls, Argentina / Brazil Puerto Iguazu is a small town on the Argentina side of the border.  There are lots of hotels here within walking distance of the bus station, I didn't book anything, I just walked and found one.  The hotels are very cheap here.  It is from the bus station that you [...]

26 10, 2016

Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu

October 26th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Argentina, South America|0 Comments

Buenos Aires, Argentina Sadly in Buenos Aires I had to leave my cruise ship and find a bus to Puerto Iguazu to continue north.  If I were to stay in Buenos Aires, there are over 1000 hotels bookable online.  If you like steaks, then there is no better place than Argentina to enjoy one (maybe [...]

25 10, 2016

Montevideo to Buenos Aires

October 25th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, South America, Uruguay|0 Comments

Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay After being in the south of Argentina, it was a big change to be in a big city.  A short walk from downtown Montevideo at the port, you will find Mercado del Puerto.  There are lots of meat restaurants here, and it is here I had the best steak I have [...]

24 10, 2016

Puerto Madryn to Montevideo

October 24th, 2016|Antarctica to Alaska, Argentina, South America|0 Comments

Elephant seals, Puerto Madryn If you love wildlife and want a guaranteed viewing of, elephant seals, magellanic penguins, rheas, guanacos, armadillos, maras and sea lions, then Puerto Madryn is the place to visit (or the areas surrounding it).  There are many tours, the above photo was taken on a Punta Loma tour. Magellanic penguins, Punta Loma [...]