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Falkland Islands, UKFalkland Islands, UK

The Falklands Islands are famous because of the Falklands war during the 80’s, the Argentinians occupied the islands for a short time.  They still claim the Falkland Islands, but upon visiting the islands the people are British, use British Pounds, eat British food and speak English.

The Islands are windy and cold most of the year round and the day I visited was no different.  I took a  rockhopper penguins tour which was worthwhile, they claim there are 300 rockhopper penguins which seemed pretty accurate.

a rockhopper penguina rockhopper penguin

From the Falklands I continued to Puerto Madryn, Argentina which was 36 hours away by cruise ship.  This gave me plenty of time to enjoy the cruise food once again.

Enjoying the cruise foodEnjoying the cruise food

Celebrity Infinity Cruise ShipCelebrity Infinity Cruise Ship

Puerto Madryn to Montevideo