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Honningsvag to Tromso via Hammerfest

Honningsvag is the northernmost city in Norway.  The main points of interest are;

  • Ice bar
  • Bamse Statue
  • Corner Spiseri (pub and restaurant)
  • Access to Nordkapp
  • Hurtigruten Cruise port

Honningsvag - August 18th 2016Honningsvag, Finnmark, Norway

Honningsvag is a peaceful town, and you do feel like you are far from everywhere.  However, there are a few points of interest to enjoy.  There is an Ice bar, it’s best to go in here when there is a cruise ship in port as that’s when it mainly opens.  If you take a walk on the harbor front, you can capture some near perfect reflection photos of the city and mountains behind.  There is also a St Bernard statue which tourists like to photograph.

The hotels in Honningsvag are expensive, and there are not too many of them, there is a hostel a short walk from town which is cheaper, but still expensive for a hostel.  Restaurants are also expensive, there is a local restaurant and pub called the Corner Spiseri, remember you’re in Norway so you should try the famous Salmon.

Hurtigruten foot passenger serviceHurtigruten cruise to Tromsø, €80, 17 hours

I had the option of using my Arctic pass to get the bus to Alta for free, then changing for the Tromso bus, which would’ve been free part way, until I left Finnmark.  I decided to take the Hurtigruten passenger ferry service, which goes through the famous Norweigan fjords.  If you love fjords you’ll love this short cruise.

The ferry left at 5.45am, boarding started as soon as it arrived in port which was around 5.35am, so it was a quick turnaround.  In the morning around 11am it stopped at Hammerfest for a couple hours, then there was another short stop at Skjervoy before arriving in Tromso at 11.45pm.

Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest, Norway

If Honningsvag is the northermost city, then Hammerfest claim to fame is that it is the northernmost town!  There are quite a few points of interest in Hammerfest;

  • The royal and ancient polar bear society
  • Hammerfest church
  • The struve geodetic arc
  • The fountain

When passing by on the Hurtigruten cruise, you get 2 hours to enjoy these points of interest.  There are a few restaurants to get a quick snack in or you could try the Norwegian bread with currents or chocolate from the local mart.

A fjord close to SkjervoyA fjord close to Skjervoy

If you love fjords and you love taking photos then you’ll love the Hurtigruten cruise.  I went during the summer so it was light the whole time and I had 15 hours of fjords.  If you go in winter then you’ll have snow on the fjords and when it’s dark they guarantee you’ll see the northern lights or your next cruise is free!  Lets hope the northern lights don’t come out so we can go again!


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