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I will answer the 2 following questions for you;

  • How do I get more likes on Instagram?
  • How do I get more followers on Instagram?

Maybe you’ve put a few pictures on Instagram, you’ve chosen your hashtags carefully, you’ve seen worse pictures with a thousand likes.  But your photo only gets a few likes, less than 10 say.

Instagram likes and followers

Instagram likes, followers and comments

To immediately get more likes, do a hashtag search for something in your niche, my niche would be;

  • #travel
  • #photography
  • #travelgram
  • #travelphotography

Like as many of the photos as you like, the more you like, the more people will come to your profile and like yours, even follow you.  As your followers and likes increase, the speed in which you get your likes will increase too.  One day you’ll be trending!

There is a less time consuming way, if you don’t want to manually search and could spend your time better somewhere else.  You could buy some software to like the photos for you 24 hours a day whilst you sit back and watch your Instagram likes and followers grow.  You can buy a lifetime license for Following Like software for $69.  This software will like photos for you under the hashtags you choose and within weeks your Instagram account will have thousands of followers and likes just like mine does!

A large social media following is an important part of a successful blog.