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Birds flocking off the coast of KourouBirds flocking off the coast of Kourou

There is a nice walk on the seafront which leads up to a lighthouse, I took the picture of flocking birds here.  Kourou is a quiet town, the perfect place to stay when you return from the Salvation Islands.  From here my hotel organised for a share taxi to pick me up the next morning and take me to the border with Suriname.

I regret not taking the time to go visit the Space museum whilst in Kourou, I could have stayed another day and organised a trip easily.

Share taxi from Kourou to St Laurent, €25Share taxi from Kourou to St Laurent, €25

The most memorable part of this share taxi ride was that some sort of Celine Dion greatest hits album was played the whole time on full blast.  I guess because she is French Canadian, it is the French connection.  The taxi was scheduled to arrive at the border with Suriname in time to get the boat over, from there I will take another taxi to the capital Paramaribo.

Share taxi from Albina to Paramaribo, €20Share taxi from Albina to Paramaribo, €20

Entering Suriname was easy, there was no queue, and I’d already bought my visa in Cayenne, so my passport was stamped without a problem.  They only gave me 5 days, which is exactly what I asked for, so be careful how many days you request on the immigration form.  Taxis to Paramaribo were waiting on the Suriname side of the border and left when full, which was virtually straight away as the boat had just arrived from French Guiana.

Paramaribo to Georgetown