Kourou to Paramaribou

Kourou to Paramaribo

Kourou is a city in French Guiana which is part of France.  France is part of the EU and Schengen community.  Kourou offers the following points of interest for tourists and photographers;

  • Les Iles du Salut (Salvation Islands, including Devils Island)
  • Centre Spatial Guyanais (Kourou Space Centre)
  • Kourou river
  • Kourou lighthouse

Birds flocking off the coast of KourouBirds flocking off the coast of Kourou

There are very few hotels in Kourou and they’re not so cheap, you could try airbnb.  In Kourou you’ll be able to enjoy a walk on the seafront which leads up to a lighthouse, I took this picture (above) of flocking birds during this walk.  Kourou is a quiet town, the perfect place to stay when you return from the Salvation Islands.  My hotel organised for a share taxi to pick me up the next morning and take me to the border with Suriname.

The home page of the space center gives detailed information about organizing a day trip there or if you are lucky, watching a live launch.

Salvation Island, French Guiana

Salvation Island, French Guiana

The main reason for a visit Kourou if you’re not a huge space fan is to visit the Salvation Islands (Les Iles du Salut).  I have written an in depth blog on visiting the Salvation Islands from Cayenne.

Share taxi from Kourou to St Laurent, €25Share taxi from Kourou to St Laurent, €25

The most memorable part of this share taxi ride was that some sort of Celine Dion greatest hits album was played the whole time on full blast.  I guess because she is French Canadian that it is the French connection.  The taxi was scheduled to arrive at the border with Suriname in time to get the boat over the Maroni river to Suriname.  From the Suriname side of the Maroni river it should be easy to find another taxi to the capital, Paramaribo.

Share taxi from Albina to Paramaribo, €20Share taxi from Albina to Paramaribo, €20

Entering Suriname was easy, there wasn’t a queue for immigration and I’d already bought my visa in Cayenne so my passport was stamped without a problem.  They only gave me 5 days which is exactly what I asked for so be careful how many days you request on the immigration form.  Taxis to Paramaribo were waiting close to immigration and left when full which was virtually straight away as the boat had just arrived from French Guiana.

Paramaribo to Georgetown

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  1. rychu.pyjas May 15, 2018 at 9:09 am - Reply

    French Guiana is part of France and European Union but NOT part of Schengen !!!
    If you’re EU national, it doesn’t matter – you still can enter FG even without passport, national ID only.
    Also for nationals of countries having visa-free travel to EU it doesn’t matter – you can go to FG with your passport only.
    But it matters if you’re national of country with visa requirement to enter EU !!!
    Schengen visa is not valid for French Guiana. You need obtain separate visa from consulate of France (or if in your country France is not represented – you can apply in consulate of other EU country, repesenting France in your country).
    I’m not sure is national French visa (for mainland France) valid also for FG.

    • James Smith May 16, 2018 at 4:25 am - Reply

      Thanks Rychu for clearing that up!

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