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Liechtenstein to Zurich

Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein, which is a micro state and not part of the EU, but part of Schengen community.  Vaduz and Liechtenstein offer the following points of interest for tourists and photographers;

  • Vaduz castle
  • Vaduz cathedral
  • Rheinbrücke bridge (Liechtenstein / Switzerland border)
  • Drei Schwestern mountain (Liechtenstein, Austria border)
  • Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
  • Downtown Vaduz

Rheinbrücke bridge - LiechtensteinRheinbrücke bridge – Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has 2 main towns, Schaan and Vaduz, it is quite expensive to stay here, but worth it, as you are visiting Liechtenstein, another country to tick off the list.  Liechtenstein is one of the least visited countries in the world and one of only 2 double landlocked countries.  The main attraction here is Vaduz Castle, which you cannot visit as it is the residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein but definitely makes for a nice picture.  There is also an interesting wooden bridge here (the inside of which is pictured above) called the Rheinbrücke which links Liechtenstein to Switzerland, you can walk over it and there is no border control.   There are also lots of peaceful walkways around this microstate, a great place for a walk, a run or a bike ride!

In downtown Vaduz and Schaan you’ll find lots of restaurants, bars and a couple of supermarkets, even a McDonald’s.  Also downtown Vaduz is where you’ll find Vaduz cathedral, Kunstmuseum and get a view of Vaduz castle.  If you are lucky they might be play a world cup qualifier in the stadium against a top European national team.

Bus from Vaduz / Schaan, Liechtenstein to Sargans train station, SwitzerlandBus from Vaduz / Schaan, Liechtenstein to Sargans train station, Switzerland

There are regular bus services from various well marked bus stops on the main road of Liechtenstein which go to Sargans, the start of the railway line in Switzerland.  This bus costs around 7 Swiss francs for a one way journey and the last stop is right outside the train station.

Train from Sargans to ZurichTrain from Sargans to Zurich

From Sargans train station, there are many direct trains to Zurich which cost around 29 Swiss francs.  You can buy these tickets at the self-service machines or from the ticket office.  Be aware that in Switzerland they use a different shaped plug, so your European plug won’t work here.  The train has free WiFi and Swiss phone chargers.


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