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Marco Zero monument, Macapá, BrazilMarco Zero monument, Macapá, Brazil

Macapá is a major city at the end of the Amazon river, it’s also located on the equator and it’s very hot!  In the city itself, there is a well kept Fort which is definitely worth a visit, at this Fort, good photos are guaranteed!  There is also a pedestrian walk alongside the beach, which is probably best taken early morning or evening.  There were very few hotels in Macapá, which made them a little expensive.  For me the most interesting thing to do was visit the Marco Zero monument, this is a monument on the equator and signified the halfway point of my journey from Antarctica to Alaska.

Overnight bus from Macapá to Oiapoque, 10 hours, 99 ReaisOvernight bus from Macapá to Oiapoque, 10 hours, 99 Reais

The bus from Macapá to Oiapoque was a Santanese service which took 10 hours on an unpaved road.  This journey was a little bit too short as the bus arrived in Oiapoque at around 5am and the border to French Guiana did not open until 8am.  I decided that waiting in the bus station for 2-3 hours was the safest thing to do.  At 8am I took a taxi to the border control and was stamped out of Brazil, then took a small boat over the Oyapok river to St Georges, French Guiana.  French Guiana is officially part of France and the EU, so as I have a UK passport I did not need a stamp into the country.  There are ATM machines in St Georges which dispense Euros, which is the official currency of France.

Minivan from St George to Cayenne, €31, 3 hoursMinivan from St George to Cayenne, €31, 3 hours

From the border town of St George it was easy to find a share taxi to the capital city of Cayenne.  The cost was €31, for a 3 hour ride, already French prices!

Cayenne to Kourou