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Olodum live in SalvadorOlodum live in Salvador

The main reason I wanted to visit Salvador was because Michael Jackson filmed his music video to ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ here.  Olodum, the band which featured in his video, play live in Salvador, free of charge, at least once a week.  The part of Salvador featured in Michael’s music video is the Pelourinho.

Also Salvador is famous for learning Capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts dance and for learning Portuguese.


You can pay $5 to go take a picture on the balcony he sings on in the video.  The entrance to this house is a Michael Jackson / Olodum shop, I bought the red and the white Olodum shirts from here.  I actually stayed in the Hotel Pelourinho, which you can see clearly in his video.  It’s not a great hotel, I only stayed there because Michael Jackson was singing and dancing right outside it in the video.

Overnight bus from Salvador to Fortaleza, 21 hours, 206.50 ReaisOvernight bus from Salvador to Fortaleza, 21 hours, 206.50 Reais

I took the Penha bus service from Salvador to Fortaleza, this was a 21 hour service, and the bus was again luxury with plenty of leg room and movies (in Portuguese).

Fortaleza to Sao Luis