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São Luís, BrazilSão Luís, Brazil

The center of Sao Luis is a UNESCO world heritage site, so the center is a good place to stay.  It is full of well preserved colonial buildings (pictured above).  Most of the restaurants, hotels and bars, are found in these buildings, and also the market.  It is easy and relaxing to enjoy a day or so here, the perfect stopover on the way to Belem.

Overnight bus from Sao Luis to Belem, 13 hours, 121 ReaisOvernight bus from Sao Luis to Belem, 13 hours, 121 Reais

After several 20+ hour bus journeys, a 13 hour journey went by very quickly, in fact I slept most of the time, virtually waking up in Belem.  The Transbrasiliana service is very good, again another luxury bus service in Brazil.