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Sunset in St Louis, SenegalSunset in St Louis, Senegal

St Louis was the capital city of French Africa until 1902, there are lots of French colonial buildings here, not very well maintained but good to take pictures of.  There are lots of colorful fishing boats around the city, pictured above.  Also around the city there are many decent value hotels and restaurants.  The hecklers on the street seem to try to sell there African art, Senegal t-shirts or a horse drawn carriage tour around the city.  When people approach you, their motive will be to sell you one of these 3 things.

Bush taxi - St Louis to Dakar - 6000 FrancsBush taxi – St Louis to Dakar – 6000 Francs

The bush taxi was 5000 francs to Dakar, plus another 1000 for my baggage.  This took around 4 hours, the traffic going into Dakar is pretty heavy, I was arriving midday, not rush hour.  The taxi does not go on the tollway.  The final destination of the taxi is the Beaux Maraichers Gare Routiere.