12 09, 2016

Zurich to Nice

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Zurich is a city in Switzerland which is not part of the EU but is part of the Schengen community.  The main points of interest for tourists and photographers are; Lake Zurich Swiss national museum Grossmünster cathedral Bahnhofstrasse Fraumünster A hike up Üetliberg mountain Lindenhof (and view of the city) Zurich, Switzerland First of all [...]

8 09, 2016

Liechtenstein to Zurich

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Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein, which is a micro state and not part of the EU, but part of Schengen community.  Vaduz and Liechtenstein offer the following points of interest for tourists and photographers; Vaduz castle Vaduz cathedral Rheinbrücke bridge (Liechtenstein / Switzerland border) Drei Schwestern mountain (Liechtenstein, Austria border) Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein Downtown Vaduz [...]