Where To Stay?

The best place to look for hotels is Booking.com because it offers over a million room worldwide in over 227 different countries.  You should be able to find a room available within your budget for where you are going.  It’s highly competitive so there are likely to be great offers available.

I recommend you search for a hotel in your budget on booking, then once you find the hotel you want to stay at, check the hotels own website to compare the price.  I would recommend booking directly on the hotels own website if the price is the same as, or cheaper than, on Booking.com.  The advantage of booking direct with the hotel if the price is the same is that the hotel is more likely to upgrade your room or give other benefits if you book direct with them.

I have written many hotel reviews of hotels in which I stayed during my travels.


Airbnb is an accommodation sharing website where property owners rent their properties / spare rooms long or short term.  If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a hotel, Airbnb is perfect.  I have used Airbnb in expensive cities such as Reykjavik, Moscow, New York and Hong Kong, the savings I made were incredible, more than 50% over hotels.  If there is a group of you traveling then the savings can be very significant compared to staying in a hotel.  Not only can you save money by staying in an apartment but you usually get use of the kitchen so can save even more money by cooking for yourself.

I have a $25 discount for first time users of the site (below).

The option of hotels or Airbnb can provide you with some wonderful deals but accommodation can still take up a great deal of your budget whilst traveling.  For the hardcore money-savers there is Couch-surfing.  Throughout the world good-willed people are offering their couches (or spare beds / rooms) for free to travelers visiting their home town.  If you organize your trip very well in advance, through the use of couch surfing you could enjoy free accommodation throughout your stay.  One big advantage of couch surfing other than free accommodation is the opportunity to meet locals, as you are staying with locals you are obliged to meet them and often locals want you to see the sites of their hometown as well as the lifestyle.

Overnight Bus - Where to sleep whilst traveling.

Overnight Bus – Where to sleep whilst traveling.

A place to stay whilst traveling can be on an overnight bus or a train, you can save so much doing this in expensive places like Europe, Australia or the USA.  In large countries such as those of South America and Asia, overnight trains / buses are a good option for long distances.  If you book a night bus / train not only are you saving money on accommodation but you’re not losing time traveling throughout the day.  Many people will say it’s dangerous to travel through the night and that you’ll get robbed, this is very unlikely.  The other passengers on the overnight trains / buses will be honest people doing the same thing as you, getting from one place to another for a good price whilst getting some rest in.

Europe only by land

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