Tunisia is a wonderful North African land and one that features plenty of wonders from the historical and the iconic, to the creative and artistic.  Here are ten suggestions for your next trip.

Before you go

Before you go, you’ll need to sort out a tourist visa for Tunisia and then you can start getting excited.  The easiest way to do this is online.  It only takes minutes, and you can do it from home.

1 El Djem Amphitheater

The El Djem Amphitheater is one of the best-preserved relics from the Roman Empire in the world.  It dwarfs the surrounding modern town, and this should be on your bucket list.  You’re allowed to sit in the seating or walk around the underground tunnels like gladiators preparing for battle.

2 Ruins of Carthage

The atmospheric ruins of the UNESCO protected Carthage should be on your radar for any Tunisian visit.  The Phoenician Empire spanned the known world and once rivaled Rome.  Its remains are a stark reminder that the mightiest cities can and do fall.

3 The National Bardo Museum

Featuring mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine eras, this is one of the most exciting and vibrant displays of artwork in Tunisia.  The collections feature cherry-picked works found in various archaeological sites throughout the country.

4 Kairouan

Kairouan is the fourth most important city in the Muslim faith and is a very impressive city in its own right.  Domed mosques dot the skyline and are a great example of Arabic architecture.  The back alley medinas are a treat to explore.

5 Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is a picture-perfect little village set against the Mediterranean Sea.  The white dome buildings and wrought-iron features have inspired artists, and it is the perfect place to come to relax and browse the handicrafts.

6 Island of Djerba

If you want beach style relaxation, the island of Djerba offers this in abundance.  The beaches are golden and feature trimmed palm trees and are perfect for catching the sun.  Also, visit the town of Houmt Souk and browse the handicrafts.

7 Grand Erg Oriental

The Sahara Desert covers most of Tunisia, and a beautiful part of it is the Grand Erg Oriental.  Here the ever-shifting sands form shapes across the dunes.  There are various tours to see the dunes and indeed make use of them.

8 Bulla Regia

Of all the Roman ruins in Tunisia, Bulla Regia near Tabarka is one of the best.  Here, the Romans built villas underground to avoid the punishing heat of the North African sun.  You can explore the underground villas and get a true glimpse into Roman life.

9 Sousse Medina

Sousse Medina is an excellent way of sampling local life in Tunisia.  The winding back alley streets are charming, and you feel you are walking in living history.  Along the way, stop at the markets. You won’t be disappointed.

10 Chott el Djerid

Head to the desert town of Tozeur and book a sightseeing trip and a ‘lunar’ type of land will greet you.  The salt pan is like something from a dystopian novel, and the feelings that conjure will stay with you forever.

Enjoy your travels.