A review of the 1908 Lisboa hotel located in Lisbon

Where to stay in Lisbon?

1908 Lisboa hotel is located in the Intendente district of Lisbon.  Reasons to choose the 1908 Lisboa hotel for your stay in Lisbon are;

  • A local experience in Lisbon
  • Sleep in an award winning building
  • Within walking distance of major Lisbon attractions
  • Eat at the restaurant for a guaranteed authentic Portuguese experience

The best way to book is directly through the 1908 Lisboa hotel website.  For the latest events and special offers check out the hotels Facebook and YouTube accounts.


1908 Lisboa Hotel - Location

The 1908 Lisboa hotel is located in the Intendente district of Lisbon.  You can easily walk to the points of interest of Lisbon from here.  Interesting points of interest within walking distance are, the castle, Lisbon cathedral, Comercio Square and Santa Justo lift.  If you want to see the famous Belem Tower the direct tram leaves from close by.  The Intendente metro station is a 2 minute walk away.  Taxis regularly pass by and the staff are happy to arrange you one.

Intendente Square and Infame Retaurant

1908 Lisboa Hotel - Intendente Square

In front of the hotel is Intendente Square. This is a typical tiled Portugese square. The hotels restaurant is called Infame and has tables and chairs set out on the square for a true Portuguese eating experience.  You can view the restaurants menu online.  If you choose a square room you’ll have one of the rooms facing the square (above),

1908 Lisboa – A building with history

Lisboa 1908 hotel - award winning architectural design

The building is Art Nouveau in its architectural design.  In 1908 this building won a prestigious Portuguese architectural award.  That is why today it’s known as Hotel 1908 Lisboa.

Check In

1908 Lisboa Hotel - Check In

After walking through the stunning entrance you will receive a warm welcome and friendly check in.  I recommend telling the staff why you are in town. They will be more than happy to give advice as well as provide maps of Intendente and Lisbon.  If you want to visit the Belem Tower or Sintra they’ll best advise you how to get there.  Make sure you ask the staff about the artwork in the hotel.  There are several pieces of art and sculptures spread out through the hotel.  Some of the sculptures have been created using old pieces of the building before it was renovated into a hotel.  All the artwork has been signed by the artists who created them.

Welcome drink

1908 Lisboa Hotel - Welcome Drink

Lisbon can be very hot.  When you arrive you will be offered a welcome drink.  The drink is an iced tea with lemon infusion.  You will certainly feel better after re-hydrating with this cold beverage.  Whilst enjoying your welcome drink it’s a good time to ask the staff for tips about Lisbon.

Elevator or Stairs?

1908 Lisboa Hotel - Staircase vs elevator shaft

If you’re visiting Lisbon with kids they will want to take the stairs.  At the top of the stairs is a Spiderman sculpture which I’m sure they will want to see over and over again!  It’s also a beautiful winding staircase.

Taking the glass elevator through the hotels mural is another unique feature you will enjoy.  Every part of the hotels history from winning the prestigious architecture award in 1908 to it’s darkest days at the end of the 20th century is explained through the mural.  You may have to go up and down in the elevator quite a few times to fully appreciate the mural.  In the hotels YouTube video you can watch the elevator experience.

Square room

1908 Lisboa hotel - Square room

The room I stayed in was a square room.  It’s called a square room because it faces Intendente Square.  If you wake up early enough you can enjoy a sunrise over the square.  The room is very homely and has very effective air conditioning.  Super fast, reliable and complimentary WiFi is available in the room and throughout the hotel.

Cell Phone

1908 Lisboa Hotel, Cell phone use

In the room you’ll find a cell phone which you are welcome to take around the city with you.  This is very handy for those visiting Lisbon from outside Europe.  You won’t have to worry about those roaming charges.  There is also a nice app on the phone recommending sites to visit in Lisbon.

Square room bathroom

1908 Lisboa Hotel - Square room bathroom

The bathroom is a good size and comes with all the necessary amenities.  The bathroom shines because it is so clean.  Whilst showering you have the choice of a regular or rainfall shower.  Those who require bathrobes will be pleased with their choice of hotel at the 1908 Lisboa.

Breakfast Buffet

1908 Lisboa Hotel, Breakfast buffet

Breakfast is served in the Infame restaurant.  The location is perfect for people watching as you enjoy the freshly prepared food.  The breakfast is served in the slimmer part of the building.  Through the windows you can really get a feel of Lisbon waking up.  You’ll see the famous yellow trams passing by and the locals going to work.  The breakfast buffet includes unlimited fresh juice, coffee and bread.  You also receive an a la carte menu and can order as much as you wish from it.

A La Carte

1908 Lisboa Hotel - a la carte breakfast menu

From the menu you may order freshly cooked eggs any way you wish.  Other options include toast, cereal, oats and of course the traditional bacon and eggs.  I went for the fresh omelet with ham, bacon and eggs.  You may order as many dishes as you wish as they are all included in your complimentary breakfast.  The breakfast will give you the energy required for your days sightseeing in Lisbon.

Enjoy your stay at the 1908 Lisboa hotel

Make sure you enjoy and appreciate the local Lisbon experience you will receive whilst staying in the hotel.

The best way to book is directly through the 1908 Lisboa hotel website.  For the latest events and special offers check out the hotels Facebook and YouTube accounts.

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