The United Kingdom is home to both football and rugby.  As a result it features several world class as well as historic stadiums.  Here are the 20 largest stadiums in the UK:

20. Elland Road, Leeds

Elland Road, Leeds

For the 20th largest stadium we head to Leeds in West Yorkshire.  Today, Elland Road has a 37890 capacity.  It’s the home of Leeds United but also a legend stadium because it featured in Euro 96.  Read the full Elland Road stadium tour review.

19. Goodison Park, Liverpool

Goodison Park, Liverpool

We head to Liverpool for the 19th largest stadium in the UK.  Goodison Park is the home of Everton and has a 39572 capacity.  What’s more, Goodison Park is one of the oldest stadiums in the UK and Everton are one of the founder members of the English football league.  Who remembers when the World Cup came to England in 1966?  Goodison Park made Liverpool a host city.  Read more about Goodison Park.

18. Hillsborough, Sheffield

Hillsborough, Sheffield

The 18th largest stadium in the UK is the infamous Hillsborough.  Located in South Yorkshire, it has a 39732 capacity and is the home of Sheffield Wednesday.  It was a World Cup 1966 host stadium and West Germany played here on route to the final.  I highly recommend you read more about Hillsborough stadium.

17. Stamford Bridge, London

Stamford Bridge, London

With a 41631 capacity, Stamford Bridge is the 17th biggest stadium in the UK.  Additionally, it’s one of the oldest stadiums in the UK and hosted FA Cups before Wembley.  That’s not to mention it’s home to the highly successful Chelsea FC.  Read about a Stamford Bridge stadium tour in London.

16. Villa Park, Birmingham

Villa Park, Birmingham

The 16th biggest stadium in the UK is Villa Park in Birmingham.  Of course, it’s home to Aston Villa who were one of the founder members of the English football league.  Moreover, Villa Park is also a legend stadium and hosted games during World Cup 1966 and Euro 96.  It has a 42785 capacity.  See more pictures from inside Villa Park stadium.

15. Stadium of Light, Sunderland

Stadium of Light, Sunderland

You must head to Sunderland in the north east of England to visit the 15th biggest stadium in the UK.  The Stadium of Light has a 49000 capacity and is built on top of a former mining pit.  It’s worth reading about the Stadium of Light as it’s an area rich in history which offers an excellent stadium tour.

14. Ibrox, Glasgow

Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow

With a 50817 capacity, Ibrox in Glasgow is the 14th largest stadium in the UK.  It’s home to Rangers and is also the most historic stadium on this list.  If you’re into historic stadiums this is by far the best one to visit.  To add to its historic events, this is where the famous King’s speech was made.  See more Ibrox stadium pictures on my travel blog.

13. Hampden Park, Glasgow

Hampden Park, Glasgow

Hampden Park in Glasgow is home to the Scottish national team.  With a 51866 capacity it’s the 13th largest stadium in the UK.  It’s a Euro 2020 host stadium.  Visit for a stadium tour, to watch a match or to visit the Scottish football museum.  Read more about a Hampden Park stadium tour.

12. St James’ Park, Newcastle

St James' Park, Newcastle

For the 12th largest stadium in the UK we head to Newcastle in the north east of England.  It has a 52405 capacity and is home to Newcastle United.  Do you remember St James’ Park was a Euro 96 host stadium?  Read more about St James’ Park.

11. Anfield, Liverpool

Anfield, Liverpool

Can you believe that Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC does not make the top 10?  With a 54074 capacity it’s the 11th biggest stadium in the UK.  What Liverpool FC are short of in seats, they more than make up for with trophies.  See more pictures from an Anfield stadium tour.

10. Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Etihad Stadium, Manchester

The Etihad Stadium in Manchester has a 55097 capacity.  As a result it’s the 10th largest stadium in the UK.  It’s home to Manchester City and was the 2002 Commonwealth Games host stadium.  Read about a Manchester City stadium tour.

9. Emirates Stadium, London

Emirates Stadium, London

The Emirates Stadium in London is the 9th largest stadium in the UK.  Of course, it’s home to Arsenal and one of the newest and most modern stadiums in the country.  It has a capacity of 60260.  Perhaps the Emirates Stadium is the best to visit in London?

8. Celtic Park, Glasgow

Celtic Park, Glasgow

Celtic Park is the largest football stadium in Scotland.  With a 60411 capacity it’s the 8th biggest stadium in the UK.  What’s more, it’s one of the first stadiums to offer safe standing.  Take a Celtic Park stadium tour and sit in Billy Connolly’s seat.  Did you know Celtic were the first British team to win the Champions League?

7. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London

The newest stadium on the list is the Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London.  Completed in 2019 it has a 62062 capacity.  For this reason, it’s the 7th largest stadium in the UK.  See more pictures from inside Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

6. London Stadium, London

London Stadium, London

The 6th biggest stadium in the UK is the London Olympic Stadium.  Today it’s home to West Ham United football club and has a 66000 capacity.  After hosting the London 2012 Olympics it is of course a legend stadium.  How many stadiums has Usain Bolt run the 100 meters in after all?  Read about a London stadium tour.

5. Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Murrayfield, Edinburgh

The largest stadium in Scotland is Murrayfield.  Located in Edinburgh, it’s also the home of Scotland rugby team.  With a 67144 capacity it’s the 5th biggest stadium in the UK.  Read about an in depth Murrayfield stadium tour.

4. Principality Stadium, Cardiff

Principality Stadium, Cardiff

The Principality Stadium is the only Welsh entry of the list.  With a 74500 capacity it’s the 4th biggest stadium in the UK.  It’s hosted Welsh national football matches as well as FA Cup finals.  Nowadays it’s home to the Welsh rugby team.  In addition, music concerts are regularly performed here.  Read more about the Principality stadium in Cardiff.

3. Old Trafford, Manchester

Old Trafford, Manchester

Old Trafford is the largest club football stadium in the UK.  With a 74879 capacity it’s the 3rd biggest stadium in the UK.  Do I need to mention it’s home to Manchester United?  An interesting fact about Old Trafford is that it was heavily bombed during World War II.  That didn’t stop it from growing into the huge stadium it is today though.  It also made Manchester a Euro 96 host city.  Read about a Theatre of Dreams stadium tour.

2. Twickenham Stadium, London

Twickenham Stadium, London

With an 82000 capacity, Twickenham is the second largest stadium in the UK.  What’s more, it’s home to English rugby.  As a matter of fact, the 1991 and 2015 Rugby world cups were held here.  Read more and see more picture of Twickenham Stadium.

1. Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley Stadium is the biggest stadium in the UK.  With a 90000 capacity it could fit both Villa Park as well as Stamford Bridge inside.  Most importantly, this is where England won the 1966 World Cup.  Furthermore, it will hold both the semi finals as well as the final of Euro 2020.  Read more Wembley Stadium facts and see more pictures.

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