While most people know that water sports can be a ton of fun, not enough is said about using water sports as a way of getting to know a new area you’re traveling to.  Experiencing a new landscape, state, or country from the water can allow you to fully appreciate the natural beauty a local has to offer while having fun.  It’s often a family-friendly way to get some fresh air and enjoy the sights.  The following will explore a few different water sports that might make the perfect addition to any travel plans you might have now or in the future.

Kayaking, Canoeing, Or Paddleboarding

Kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are all wonderful watersports that can be as gentle or as hardcore, as you’d like them to be.  Simply rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, put on your life jacket, and paddle away.  Coastlines, riverways, and lakes can all be explored easily, and you can happily take a break to rest your arms whenever you’re feeling it.  If you’re planning on making a longer journey, people at watersportswhiz.com recommend you do a little research on appropriate techniques and that you take your chosen device out for practice first.  If you’re someone who loves fishing, you can also fish from a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard (just be sure that you’ve looked up the fishing regulations in your new location, as they can vary from country to country).

White Water Rafting

White water rafting isn’t a water sport that can be done everywhere, as it requires some fast-moving river systems; it can be a wonderful, high-energy way to enjoy the great outdoors where you’re on vacation.  White water rafting tends to be a service provided by a company with all the appropriate safety equipment needed, so it might be something that you need to book in advance. Be sure to follow all safety instructions and recommendations, as you are going to be tossed around a fair bit throughout the process.  It’s really important that all personal safety devices are worn properly at all times because there’s also a strong possibility of getting knocked into the water.


If you’re going to be traveling somewhere where surfing is a possibility, why not book an introductory class? Surfing takes a moment to get the hang of, but once you’ve felt the sheer magical rush of riding a wave, it will likely be something you seek out for the rest of your days.  It’s worth noting that surfing is not just a warm-weather sport.  If you keep your eyes open, you’ll find surfing available (with appropriate wetsuits, of course) in colder climates.  In addition, to a wonderful beachy way to spend the day, any local where surfing is possible tends to have a fantastic culture of friendly life-loving folk.  Hang around and see what music, food, and other activities arise.


Snorkelling is a wonderful water activity to get to see the beauty of marine life.  The practice involves swimming on the surface of the water with a mask, fins, and a short tube attached to the mouth called a snorkel.  This allows you to keep your face in the water as you swim around and keep your eyes open, allowing you to witness all the magic that goes on in aquatic ecosystems.  It is worth noting that if you’re going to be snorkeling, you should do a little research on any sunscreen or sunblock products you’re wearing.  Most sunscreen products do severe damage to aquatic environments, and many beach destinations have begun banning the use of standard sunscreen products.  If you need sunscreen, look for a zinc-based product that doesn’t have any nasty chemicals in it.  This also will help protect your health; you’ve probably been told all your life that sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer, but in many cases, it encourages other forms of cancer because it adds so much to your body’s toxicity load.


6 Fun Water Sports That You Have To Try When Travelling, Tubing

Tubing is one of those water sports that people obsess over once they discover, but not enough people have heard of.  Tubing involves attaching a sturdy inflatable device (the tube) to a boat with a rope that has been properly tied and is of appropriate thickness.  Then someone hops into the tube while someone else drives the boat.  The result is that the tube gets tugged along.  This water sport can easily be a casual and gentle activity or a wild ride depending on what people are feeling, and is a particular favourite of children.

Jet Skiing

Jet skis are basically little water vehicles that fit one or two people on them.  They allow you to skid across the water, feeling the wind in your hair, at whatever speed you’re comfortable with.  If you’re looking into using a jet ski, it’s important to note that in some places, you need a boating license to drive one; make sure you’re looking up the appropriate regulations wherever you’re traveling to make sure you’re not going to get stuck with any fines.  This is the perfect water sport if you want to explore a large body of water rather quickly.  Just be wary of any boat wakes, and those can result in a pretty big jump in the air that you might not be prepared for.

The above list should have given you a few ideas of fun water sports you can try when you’re next on vacation.  In most places where these activities are popular, you should be able to find a rental business that gives you everything you need to get out on the water and explains the basics so that the experience is more comfortable.  Of course, it’s important to remember that the sun’s impact is a lot stronger out on the water because of the reflective nature of lakes, rivers, and seas.  This means you might need to wear light layers to protect yourself from burning, and also bring along a water bottle.  You can get dehydrated even if you’re on top of a body of water if it’s hot enough; if you’re working up a sweat, the need for hydration is even more important.  Finally, be respectful to any wildlife you encounter and always take any trash you have back to land when you’re done.