A day trip to Lasko, spa region of Slovenia to see the points of interest including; Lasko Brewery Tour, Tabor Castle (and view of the city), Savinja River, Lasko Church, The Cross on the Hill (and view of the city), Hotel Thermana Park Lasko before returning to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

What to see and photograph in Lasko

Lasko is in the spa region of Slovenia and you can easily make a day trip to Lasko. It’s also the home of the famous Lasko beer.  Things to see in Lasko include;

  • Lasko Brewery Tour
  • Tabor Castle (and view of the city)
  • Savinja River
  • Lasko Church
  • The Cross on the Hill (and view of the city)
  • Hotel Thermana Park Lasko

I stayed in the Urban Hotel, Ljubljana and visited Lasko on a day trip.

Lasko Brewery Tour

Lasko Beer Brewery Tour

One of the most popular things to do in Lasko is take a brewery tour.  Lasko is one of the most popular beers in the Balkans.  It’s the equivalent of Heineken in Amsterdam.  The Lasko brewery is the oldest brewery in Slovenia and has almost 200 years of history.  During the 2 and a half hour tour you’ll learn about the brewing procedure, more importantly you’ll be able to taste the finished product.  In addition, you can view the brewery exhibition.

Tabor Castle (and view of the city)

Tabor Castle, Lasko, Slovenia

A 15 minute uphill climb from the town center is Tabor Castle.  It’s also known as Lasko Castle.  From the castle you have a wonderful view of the town and the Savinja river.  After taking the 15 minute uphill climb, you may require a drink or something to eat.  You’ll find a restaurant located in the castle.  The castle dates back to the 11th century and was used to defend the city against the Turks during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Savinja River

Savinja river, Lasko, Slovenia

The Savinja river flows through Lasko, it also flows through the third largest city in Slovenia, Celje.  Photography lovers will enjoy the beautiful reflection the river gives.  You can make perfect reflection shots of the colorful old town, in addition of the mountains and scenery.  You can also photograph the Lasko brewery reflecting in the river.  The river gives the best reflection during the summer when there isn’t much rain.

Lasko Church

Lasko Church, Zupnijska cerkev sv. Martina, Slovenia

The church of St Martin is located in the center of the old town.  It dates back to the 12th century and features Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture.  Surrounding the church are lots of colorful, traditional Slovenian style houses.  In addition, you’ll find a few cafes and restaurants around this area.

The Cross on the Hill (and view of the city)

The Cross on the Hill (and view of the city), Lasko, Slovenia

There is a marked trail which starts behind the Tabor Castle.  It’s an uphill walk to a cross and viewpoint at the top of the hill.  If you make this hike early morning you’ll be rewarded with a view of the sunrise over the mountains of Slovenia.  It’s likely you won’t be alone on this hike as many of the locals make it daily.

Hotel Thermana Park Lasko

Hotel and Thermal spa Thermana Park Lasko, Slovenia

If you decide to stay over in Lasko, Hotel Thermana Park is the place to stay.  During your stay in the hotel you’ll enjoy access to many facilities.  Facilities at the hotel include, various types of saunas in addition to the thermal pools.  They also offer massage services with excellent features in the rooms.  For those who wish to undergo a rehabilitation from a recent illness or addiction, a medical center with onsite specialized doctors is available.  It’s possible to stay at the facility long term under a controlled diet and environment.  The diet can be designed specifically to your requirements.  With a good diet and regular access to the thermal pools, you’ll improve your health during a long stay.

How to get from Ljubljana to Lasko and Lasko to Ljubljana

There are regular buses and trains leaving from Ljubljana train station.  Both the train stations in Ljubljana and in Lasko are central so it’s an easy day trip to make.  Additionally, the journey time to Lasko is only around 90 minutes.  If there are a few of you traveling you should consider the cost of a taxi as they are good value in this part of the world.

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