An informal though quietly common segregation when it comes to travelling styles, is that of a traveller vs. a tourist.  The first one, is mostly signified as an adventurer, the one that prioritizes the experience instead of luxury and prefers unconventional accommodation while avoiding unnecessary tourist traps.  The other one, designation that probably accounts for the majority of the population, has as priority comfort, visits all hot attractions and has in general a more mainstream approach.

The way they plan their upcoming travel also differentiates, and so you will rarely see a traveller joining an inclusive travel group.

Nevertheless, is rarely not equal to never, as “alternative travelling” has gained popularity through the past five years more or less, an outcome springing up from people’s need to share a travelling experience (and also achieve a better budget) with people of the same mindset.  Addressing to a b2b tour operator for planning your next trip without this meaning a full-touristic package, but one of a more open-minded mentality and adjusted to your personality, is now possible.

Which are four unique travel destinations for a tailor-made tour?

1. Lisbon, Portugal

The Iberian Peninsula is always a coveted destination, that can offer a wide range of activities and sceneries.  This time we are visiting the captivating capital of Portugal, with its famous colourful tiled facades.  The oldest district of Alfama, a vibrant maze of narrow streets with picturesque houses, any visitor loves to be lost into.  Try at any rate the “pastel de nata” custard tards and the fresh seafood, as well as its unique wine collection.

2. Astypalea Island, Greece

While Greece’s most renown islands with an unabated interest through the decades are Santorini and Mykonos, everyone and each of the Greek Islands is uniquely beautiful, different, and worthy of visiting.  The island of Astypalea, the so-called butterfly of the Aegean, combines greatly crystal blue-water beaches and hidden shores (Kaminakia, Kounoupa) with a picturesque Chora, quaint villages and hiking opportunities.  Don’t forget to taste the traditional dishes of “Xerotigana with Honey” and “Stuffed Zucchini Flowers”.

3. Vienna, Austria

Stunning architecture, rich history and a vibrant lifestyle, are more than enough to put Vienna at the top of your next travelling destinations.  With Vienna being the birthplace of some of the world’s most important composers of classical music, Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss, attendance to a concert at a Vienna State Opera, should be on your list.  The period of the Austrian Emperor has left a bold footprint in the capital of Austria with multiple Imperial Palaces, though one someone should not miss is the Schönbrunn Palace, which gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Easter Egg: Get a short break at the cozy Kleine’s café and its romantic essence, where a small part of Richard’s Linklater Before Sunrise, was filmed.

4. The Baltics

The stunning north countries surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are so small, cheap and small apart from each other, that it would be a pity for someone to travel up there and not a get the full experience.  The Old Towns of all three capitals, Tallin, Riga and Vilnious accordingly consist a UNESCO World Heritage site whereas each one is influenced by a different architectural current.  Highlight is the variety of nature parks and nature destinations, offering unforgettable landscapes and suitable for mountain sports, with which the Baltcs are blessed.