While strolling around in any city or village makes us feel like an adventurous and curious wanderer, and exploring it by a hired car provides us with the flexibility to cover comfortably longer distances, in between stands another option, that is actually more like a highly-beneficial experience than a mean of transportation.

Reference to the bike, which offers a unique opportunity to connect with the local environment and culture, have greater interaction with the locals and at the same time reduce your ecological footprint.

Covering such long distances and probably different types of terrain as well, demands a highly comfortable bike, that fits perfectly your body and any personal needs and requirements, something that not only will upgrade the quality of your experience, but also guarantees a more efficient and safe travel.  Instead of stressing yourself out, trying to fit in the available commercial bikes, you can give a chance to Fidusa, considering the benefits of a customized bike.  Plus, you can treat yourself with matchy-matchy design that will make everyone jealous!

Amazing stories found on-line, will inspire you and give you the motivation needed!

1. Coast of Dalmatia Bike Tour (Croatia)

A stunning region, already famous as one of the top European destinations appropriate for road trips, especially if near-by countries or the Albanian Riviera get included.  Although, choosing to experience this route by bike will offer you a different perception of scenic coastal roads, charming islands, and medieval towns and memorable moments that will last for a life-time.  How many and most importantly which cities you will include in your plan, depends on your endurance and time, although we consider it necessary to not miss Split (Diocletian’s Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site), go on to Šibenik (83 km) and finally reach Zadar (94 km)

2. Roskilde Fjord (Denmark)

Denmark and Netherlands are Europe’s most bike-friendly countries, something that their flat terrain and lack of hills and slopes makes possible, without excluding inhabitant’s culture and education.  Therefore, it’s not surprising to have a Danish on a bike relevant article, whilst its Nordic scenery makes it worthy of exploring.

An 80-90 kilometers bike route around Roskilde Fjord, will engrave in your memory breathtaking coastal landscapes and enrich your cultural knowledge, especially related to the Viking’s history, when stopping to the cities in between.  Starting from Roskilde, proceeding with Jyllinge and its waterfront, then Frederikssund with the Viking Ship museum, and finally back to Roskilde.

3. Coffee Region Bike Tour (Colombia)

The vibrant culture and history as also the significant tastes accompanying the name of Latin America, are already sufficient reason for one to cross the pacific or Indian Ocean.  Although, for bolder travelers who wish to stretch their comfort zones as much as possible, the possibility of crossing a part of a Latin Country by bike, is offered.  Specifically, in Colombia, a unique experience called the Coffee Region Bike Tour, is awaiting.  The Coffee Region, or “coffee triangle”, consists of the capital cities of Manizales, Pereira, and Armenia.  Picturesque scenery with colourful wooden houses, coexist with the endless coffee valleys, justifying the recognition as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011.

4. The Mekong Delta Bike Tour (Vietnam and Cambodia)

When having already travelled to the other side of the Earth for experiencing the magnificent Asian culture, why limit yourself with the major attractions and not add some unforgettable action?  You will need 2–5 days to make the tour around the ”Rice Bowl of Vietnam”.  Witness the rice paper making or coconut candy production and try some handcrafts by yourself at the traditional villages, and don’t forget to explore the floating markets!