All over the world, society’s love of nature is dwindling.  With plastics filling the ocean, beauty spots spoiled with excessive tourism, and extinctions of species across the globe, it’s important that you can speak up and change perceptions to encourage an appreciation of the great outdoors.  Gaining the opportunity to explore jungles, coral reefs, and reserves can show you how an ecosystem can truly flourish when it’s properly cared for, but often this is an expensive and unachievable feat.  So, what can be done to inspire your nearest and dearest to understand and adopt your appreciation for Mother Nature?  Luckily there are many different steps which you can take to open your family’s eyes to the importance of the environment, whilst also showing them how you can make the most of the world around you.  If you want to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips and tricks that you can make the most of today for the sake of the great outdoors.

Grow Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs

One of the best things that you can do to teach your nearest and dearest more about the importance of the great outdoors is to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.  Putting time and effort into transforming a few seeds into food producing plants will be such an authentic experience, and the amazing organic produce you receive in return will make all of your hard work worth it!  Whether you’re already green fingered or this is your first attempt at planting your own food, there are so many different species to explore.  Many plants grow in particular seasons rather than all year round, so it’s a good idea to do your research before laying any bulbs or seeds to ground.  You don’t need a large plot of land to begin growing fruit, vegetables and herbs, as many can flourish confidently inside a small pot or bedding box – these can even be placed on a window ledge for those who are not blessed with their own outdoor space.  Watching each seed grow and transform into a whole new life that can offer its own delicious treat is such an awe inspiring moment, and you can even begin to incorporate all of these ingredients into your daily meal plan.  The best plants to begin with are those that are simple to maintain, such as strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and basil.  If you want to branch out to those which are a little more difficult (and therefore more rewarding), growing things like potatoes, carrots, beans or legumes, chili peppers and herb bushes such as rosemary can be a great pathway to explore.

Plan A Camping Trip

There’s truly no better way to experience life in the great outdoors than to plan your very own camping trip, so now is the perfect time to organize an adventure with your loved ones.  Finding the best location for your camping trip is one of the most important factors to consider, as opting for the wrong place to pitch your family tents could cause the whole experience to fall on its face.  Take your family to a natural beauty spot, perhaps a lake or river, lush forest or vast rolling hills, and find a suitable level, weather proof plot on which you can pitch your tent for the night. A camping trip involves more than just sleeping outdoors, as you get the opportunity to experience what it might actually be like to exist as a free spirit amongst Mother Nature.  Cooking on an open fire is usually a popular tradition when it comes to camping, so bear this in mind during your trip so that you can pack some suitable food to grill once you set up camp.  If you want to take your trip to a whole new level, you can even bring along your own hunting or fishing equipment to find dinner upon arrival.  What could be more authentic and fresh than catching your dinner just moments before eating it? There are many different activities that you can do during a camping trip, from exploring the nearby nature to laying down in the dark to stare at the stars, so it’s on you to decide what you and your family get up to during your adventure.  Always be mindful of the effect that you are having on the local ecosystem whenever you enter an area of natural beauty, as it’s best to follow the rule, ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’.  Each individual must do more to maintain the great outdoors, so you can do your bit by looking after your campsite to ensure you leave it in the same condition you found it.

Try Extreme Sports

The range of extreme sports is so dramatic that there guaranteed to be a hair raising experience out there for everyone to enjoy. Extreme sports are those which encourage increased levels of adrenaline, fear and excitement; and very often they utilize the forces of nature as their main event. For example, an amazing activity that you and your nearest and dearest may love to try is white water rafting. Climbing inside a kayak to battle down rapids and paddle through the twists and turns is a great way to get your body moving, and you get to see Mother Nature from a side you may never have experienced before. Another great idea you may wish to explore is rock climbing or bouldering, as this can work for a whole range of ages and skill levels to be suitable for the whole family. Reaching the summit of a rock climbing adventure is likely to offer a view that you just can’t get from the ground, and you may never get to see such a sight without the help of some extreme sports. Mother Nature can be a harsh and enduring force, and taking part in extreme sports allows you to see some of the most dangerous (and exhilarating) aspects of the great outdoors.

Find Out More About Your Local Area

You may not even realize it, but there could be an area of natural beauty or a limited or threatened species existing right on your doorstep.  Failing to realize the enormity of such a fact will of course mean that you are unable to appreciate the wonders of the natural world, but often all it takes is a quick search online or a flick through a local newspaper to uncover everything you need to know about where you live.  Appreciating your home and the environment around it is the best way to begin making a change, as it’s far easier to introduce your family to Mother Nature by simply stepping outside rather than driving for hours to find the best spot.  Even if you have access to nothing more than a simple nature reserve with picnic benches, take your home grown fruit and vegetables and have an al fresco meal as a family to begin appreciating your local area.  There could be a dense history with regards to the way land used to be used or cultivated in the past, and this can even affect your life today!  Many regions around the world offer their own unique foods which are specific to their individual location, so you may even discover a plant which is native only to your hometown that can be added to your patch at home!

Outdoor Meditation

Meditation is an activity that has been utilized by many generations, and with good reason.  Meditation can be extremely beneficial for both mental and psychical health, and it’s a great way to encourage greater feelings of calm and positivity.  However, meditation outdoors is said to increase the benefits further, as a connection with nature creates a stronger bond between you and the great outdoors, and it can also make it much easier to relax and unwind whilst listening to the sound of the birds sing or feeling the soft grass beneath your feet.  You don’t need any special skills or equipment to start meditating, just a quiet spot where you can really focus on yourself.  Whether you and your family can find an open field, a small waterfall or a big tree to use as your studio, just sit down and close your eyes, letting go of the stress and worry the day has brought with it.  Clear your mind and focus on the sounds that pass you by, smell the crushed autumn leaves or the damp dewy bark of the trees that surround you.  Meditation within nature can be a transformative activity, so don’t be afraid to invite your nearest and dearest outdoors to practice with you.

Encouraging your family to appreciate the great outdoors has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the top tips and tricks detailed above!  Whether you decide to plan a camping trip, grow your own food or experience some extreme sports, there’s so much fun to be had outside.