Atelier Lumieres is a venue in Paris which celebrates the birth of cinema.  The first patented cinematography was by French brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumiere.  Hence the name Atelier Lumieres.  Atelier is French for workshop therefore this is the Lumieres Workshop.  Year long exhibitions are held here which project the work of famous artists through cinematography.

At this venue you’ll see artwork and paintings played on huge video screens in time with music.

Van Gogh was the exhibition of 2019 and Monet in 2020.  Here are a few examples of the artwork being displayed when I visited the Van Gogh – Starry Night exhibition;

Starry Night

Van Gogh - Starry Night

Sit down and admire famous artwork projected around you.  You can easily find a quiet corner of the building.  Alternatively, sit upstairs and view the show in its entirety.  There are several wooden wheels to sit on if you require a picture with the artwork as a backdrop.  Perfect for your Instagram feed!

Potato Eaters

Van Gogh - Potato Eaters

Each painting will be featured for around 20 seconds, moving slightly as music plays.  Following this it will then seamlessly morph into the next painting.

Van Gogh Self Portrait

Van Gogh - Starry Night Exhibition

Van Gogh created a few self portraits throughout his career.  These self portraits come across as really powerful images when projected on the huge walls at Atelier Lumieres.  None more so than the self portrait with a straw hat.

Church at Auvers

The Church at Auvers

Believe it or not, the Atelier Lumieres room is not all symmetrical and plain.  It is in fact full of emergency exits and power to create this wonderful display in a safe manner.  Maybe, this will surprise you but the projections are actually enhanced by the layout.  As a matter of fact, for me the stand out piece was the Church at Auvers painting which was projected onto an internal room.  One of his self portraits was another striking painting projected here.
The Church at Auvers

Wherever and however the Church at Auvers was projected, the result was stunning.

Van Gogh’s Chair

Van Gogh's Chair

It’s amazing in such a large room with so many projections how much attention to detail there is.  As a matter of fact, those who pay attention to detail could stay here all day and watch the projections over and over on the loop!

Short Exhibition

Dreamed Japan - Atelier Lumieres Paris

As well as the main exhibition there is also a shorter exhibition.  Dreamed Japan was the shorter exhibition when I visited.  As a matter of fact, this was just as interesting and colorful as the Van Gogh, Starry Night.  Did you know that Van Gogh himself took great influence from Japanese art?

Mirror Room

Mirror Room - Atelier Lumieres

The Mirror Room is always at Atelier Lumieres, no matter what the exhibition.  As you can imagine with the iconic paintings on the walls there are many Instagram photography opportunities.  Perhaps the best is a photograph in the mirror room.  Alternatively, just sit on the floor and experience many identical versions of your world!

Instagram Spots at Atelier Lumieres

Instagram Spots at Atelier Lumieres Paris

Video screens are huge and the lighting also covers the floor you walk on.  As a result, expect people to be posing for pictures when their favorite piece of artwork pops up.  As I mentioned earlier, there are some wooden wheels in a quieter part of the room which are perfect for posing on.  Lastly, don’t forget to enter the mirror room which is a truly picturesque room and it’s not unusual to have it to yourself.

How Big are the Video Screens at Atelier Lumieres?

How big are the screens at Instagram Spots at Atelier Lumieres Paris?

You may be wondering how big are the screens and how busy does Atelier Lumieres get?  This is Paris after all, one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  Firstly, I recommend you visit for the premier show of the day.  As a result, you can be the first inside to see the show.  I chose the first show and the huge room was well below capacity so I could freely view everywhere without much distraction.

Inside Atelier Lumieres

Additionally, you’re welcome to stay and watch the show again as it’s on a loop.  However, when the second loop began there were many tourists and it definitely wasn’t as relaxing as the first loop.  Above photo shows the number of tourists on the second loop of play.  Hint – arrive on time for the first show!

Enjoy Your Visit to Atelier Lumieres Paris

Van Gogh - Starry Night - Paris

Enjoy the cinematography plus the wonderful lighting and remember you’re where this concept was created!  If you like taking pictures I recommend you stick around to watch 2 shows.  The first show take pictures but during the second show, put your camera away, relax and get lost in another world.  Interested in visiting Atelier Lumieres?  What’s the latest exhibition?  Visit the official web page for more information.

Interested in Van Gogh?  Visit the museum in Amsterdam.