All those beautiful deep and warm colours in nature make this a season everyone looks forward to.  Not only is this season the harbinger of cooler weather to come after a long, hot summer but it is also the lead into the winter holidays.  That time of year is fast approaching and so it’s time to get out the old camcorder or trusty mobile phone to take your trek through the UK countryside where all those trees are turning colour, getting ready to shed their leaves.  So, where will you go this year?  Here are six suggestions of the loveliest places to photograph autumn colours in the UK.

1. Gloucestershire – The Forest of Dean

What may come as a surprise to many visitors is the fact that there are more than 20 million trees in this forest.  It is an ancient woodland comprised of sweet chestnuts, oaks, beech trees and larches.  The one thing that has increasingly frustrated visitors over the past few decades is the way in which carbon from passing vehicles is killing leaves before they can reach their full colour.  With today’s growing number of EVs, there is hope that a reduction in fumes will help the leaves remain untarnished until they are ready to drop naturally.

If you are considering buying or leasing an electric vehicle, here’s a useful resource to get started.  You can learn much about operating them and exactly how effective they are in reducing our carbon footprint.  As a final note, you will probably want to work your way through Puzzlewood which is comprised of a maze 14 acres in size.  These twisting yew trees bring you back centuries in time and are perfect for photographing any time of year, but especially during the autumn with all those oranges, yellows, reds and browns around them.

2. Hampshire – The New Forest

If there is one tree that grows throughout the UK and offers dazzling autumn colours it would be those ancient oaks.  How many times have you sat under one in the summer months for the lovely shade they provide?  Now, during this time of year, those stately oaks provide shades of another kind.  Rather than shielding you from the bright sunlight, they bring shades of gold to red.  In the New Forest, you will also be thrilled with the tall evergreens that maintain their greens season after season so when photographed you are bringing home the best of all seasons.  Don’t forget to look for and snap that very rare fungi that grows on the forest floor.  Researching it would make a wonderful class project for your kids in school.

3. Wiltshire – Stourhead

With more than 2,500 acres of nature that has been unspoilt by development in most areas of Southwest England, Stourhead is a magnificent place to photograph the eight weeklong transition of summer to autumn colours. In the early days of the season the maple trees begin to slowly change while oaks and beech trees are soon to follow.  When you get into October, you will find deep shades of orange with beautiful hues of cinnamon red from the redwoods.  Do you wonder where they got their name?  Don’t leave the area without getting a couple shots of that huge horse chestnut tree that grows just past the Temple of Flora.

4. Wales – Tintern Abbey

When you make your way into Wales, you will find that the ruins of the Gothic monastery of Tintern Abbey are surrounded by the lovely shades of foliage just turning at this time of year.  The structure that remains has long since lost its roof and as it sits on the banks of the River Wye, you can imagine how the occupants abandoned the abbey almost five centuries ago.  Whether you are visiting to photograph the ruins of the abbey or the majestic autumn colours, you will have quite a bit to add to your travel vlog if you have one posted.

5. Scotland – Loch Lomond

Just to the north of England in the southern reaches of Scotland, you will find Loch Lomond to be the place where fairy tales were conceived.  There is nothing more magical than the autumn colours of Loch Lomond and if you have difficulty getting into the spirit of the season, just start humming one of the many tunes written with Loch Lomond as its setting.

6. Wales – Conwy Valley

Heading back down to the Southwest coast of the island we’re back again in Wales where you can count on being mesmerised by the woodlands of Wales in the Conwy Valley.  Scattered throughout these hypnotic woods are quaint towns that line the River Conwy.  While the area is amazing literally any time of year, those majestic autumn colours make this the best season to visit. Just don’t forget your camera!

While these happen to be some of the most noteworthy places to experience the change of colour on trees in autumn, it seems as if all of the UK including my home in the north of England, has much to offer.  Let these be your places to start and then travel where the journey may take you.