The Ballon de Paris is a hot air balloon ride in Paris.  Reasons to try ballooning in Paris include;

  • Ascend up to 300 Meters
  • Paris Panoramic View
  • View Famous Paris Landmarks
  • Biggest Hot Air Balloon in the World
  • Eco Friendly Transport
  • Support Air Pollution Research

The Paris hot air balloon is in Parc Andre Citroen.  You can reach it via Javel Andre Citroen Metro Station which is on line 10.  For this reason, you can easily reach Parc Andre Citroen wherever you choose to stay in Paris.

Ballon de Paris Tickets

Ballon de Paris Tickets

Firstly, Ballon de Paris skip the line tickets are not available therefore I recommend you buy them on site.  As a result, you’ll be able to check both the waiting times as well as the weather conditions before commiting.  Check the waiting time and if the hot air balloon is flying on the Ballon de Paris Generali website.

Parc Andre Citroen

Ballon de Paris Panoramic View - Parc Andre Citroen

A visit to Parc Andre Citroen is worthwhile in itself.  If you’re traveling as a group it may be a good idea for one person to keep your place in line whilst the others explore the park.  Nonetheless, when the balloon ascends you can appreciate aerial views of the park.  As for landmarks in the area, the Paris Statue of Liberty is a short walk away.

 Ballon Generali

Ballon de Paris - Hot Air Balloon - Ballon Generali

The main purpose of the Paris hot air balloon is to research and monitor air quality.  As a matter of fact, the balloon changes color to reflect the current air conditions.  If you see it in red that means Paris currently has poor air quality.  In addition, the balloon collects data about the air which enables the city of Paris to constantly monitor and study the air.

Eco Friendly Transport

Ballon de Paris Hot Air Balloon - Eco Friendly Transport
The balloon is eco friendly because it’s hoisted by an electric winch.  As you ascend and descend you can experience this technological wonder in action.

Paris Panoramic View

Paris Hot Air Balloon - Panoramic View

If you visit in the morning and the weather is good the hot air balloon with ascend 300 meters.  However, at this time the sun is shining over the Eiffel Tower towards you.  Alternatively, you can visit late afternoon / sunset when the light is behind you shining towards the Eiffel Tower.  The balloon ascends to 150 meters in the afternoon / evening.  A good question you may ask is; what is the best place in the balloon?  Don’t worry, you can freely walk around the basket and view 360 degrees.

Eiffel Tower and River Seine

Paris Panoramic View - Eiffel Tower and River Seine

The most desirable view from the balloon is of course looking towards the Eiffel Tower.  As a matter of fact, this is the case not only from the hot air balloon but from Paris in general.  Look out for the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the River Seine.  Additionally, the Arc de Triomphe is out in the distance.

La Defense

Ballon de Paris Panoramic View - La Defense

La Defense is the main business district of Paris.  As a result, this direction offers the skyscraper city view of Paris.  Maybe it will also inspire you to visit La Defense.

Sacre Coeur

Ballon de Paris Panoramic View - Sacre Coeur

As you look past the Eiffel Tower, another Paris landmark dominates the skyline.  This is of course, Sacre Coeur.

Parc des Princes Stadium – Paris SG

Ballon de Paris Panoramic View - Parc des Princes Stadium - Paris SG

On the opposite side of the River Seine is Parc des Princes football stadium, home of Paris SG.  In addition, this area is also home to Roland Garros.

Enjoy your Paris Hot Air Balloon Experience

Remember, you don’t need to buy tickets in advance as you have to line up anyway.  Moreover, the price is the same whether you buy your ticket in advance or on the day.  Finally, check the weather forecast and waiting time online before your visit.

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