The world has a lot of thrills and wonders to offer.  Intrepid travellers can easily forgo beach-lounging holidays in favour of truly novel outdoor experiences, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or cliff-diving in Seitan Limania.

You don’t want to set out on those escapades unprepared, however! We list several essentials you’ll need in our article on ‘What Should You Bring On Your Next Travel Adventure?’ like comfortable shoes and a water bottle—but among them, sunglasses are one of the most important if you’re planning to do activities outdoors.

The sun will accompany you on every trip you take, and it is best to have dedicated sunglasses that not only protect you from UV light but also suit your activities.  For this purpose, here’s a list of the best sunglasses for every kind of outdoor travel adventure.


The Best Sunglasses for Every Kind of Outdoor Travel Adventure, Cycling

One of the most beautiful places in the world to have a cycling adventure is undoubtedly the Shimanami Kaido Road in Japan.  This paved scenic route takes you along a 70 km long journey with many opportunities to explore everything from quaint guest houses to Japanese street art along the way.  Yet you’ll undoubtedly be whipping down the road at high speed on this journey, which puts your eyes in danger of drying out via the wind or getting struck by road debris—not to mention getting damaged by the sun’s UV rays.

To protect yourself, get a dedicated pair of performance sunglasses that can shield you from sun, wind, and debris.  For this, you can look to Oakley’s cycling sunglasses, which feature the latest technologies for eye protection and enhancement.  The Jawbreaker is especially suited for cyclists, with in-built impact resistance, a wraparound design that protects more of the eye area, and Switchlock Technology for convenient helmet compatibility.


The Best Sunglasses for Every Kind of Outdoor Travel Adventure, Hiking

Want a way to walk through time? Look no further than the UK’s own Pennine Way, which grants you approximately 20 days of walking through Britain’s rugged and breathtaking countryside.  You’ll encounter various wonders, including the highest inn in Britain—Tan Hill Inn near Keld—castles and forts in Hadrian’s Wall country, and a number of picturesque parks. You can even visit Harry Potter film sets!

Naturally, you’ll want your eyes clear for sightseeing, so it’s best to bring sunglasses that can protect your eyes during prolonged sun exposure.  The best ones for this activity should provide vision-enhancing capabilities that can reduce eyestrain and bring your hiking route into sharper focus.  If that sounds good to you, grab a pair of Costa Caleta sunglasses.  These shades feature well-designed, sturdy frames that stick securely on your face even if you stumble among Pennine Way’s uneven terrain.  Their lenses effectively filter out UV rays, harsh yellow light, and blue light while boosting reds, greens, and blues—resulting in a crisper view of your surroundings as you hike this challenging trail.


The Best Sunglasses for Every Kind of Outdoor Travel Adventure, Skiing

The slopes of Whistler, Canada, are among the best spots for skiing.  You’ll be transported to a veritable 8,000-acre winter wonderland with over 200 trails to choose from.  Note that skiing does come with certain risks, however.  Fashion Woman warns that snow blindness can occur when intense, bright sunlight reflected from the snow-capped mountains hits your eyes. For your safety, ensure you wear snow goggles.  The Bollé TORUS NEO is an exceptional pair you can try, with a solid lens interchange system that will hold even during crashes and lenses that expertly shield you from the sun’s aggressive reflection.


The Best Sunglasses for Every Kind of Outdoor Travel Adventure, Sailing

If you want to go sailing on your next holiday, consider the Grenadines.  What could be better than its turquoise waters and blue skies as you set off to discover this charming chain of Caribbean islands? Be sure to bring sunglasses, though—you’ll have significant amounts of sunlight bearing down on you, and its glare bouncing off the waves can cause a similar effect to snow blindness.  The GoPro Mezcal Floating Sunglasses can guard you against that.  They come with interchangeable polarised lenses that can cut out glare in a variety of light conditions, making them suitable for use when sailing under any kind of weather.  And as the name implies, their frames are lightweight enough to make them float, so you’re not likely to lose them on your excursion.  With sunglasses like these in tow, you’ll sail the world with ease.

For every outdoor travel adventure, you’ll want specialised sunglasses to help you see and enhance your experience.  Use the list above to find the right one.