If you love staying active then a vacation where you laze by the pool isn’t going to hit the spot.  Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic destinations where fitness lovers can still get their buzz and indulge in their favourite activities, whether that’s hiking, cycling, surfing or skiing.  Here are some of the best vacation spots for people looking for a little more from their next getaway.


If hiking is your thing, you may want to pay a visit to Tanzania, which is home to Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.  There are seven possible routes up the mountain, taking between five and seven days to complete.

Or you could take a trip to the Andes in South America, home to the famous Inca Trail.  This hike of a lifetime will test your stamina and take you through Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, all while experiencing Andean culture.


If surfing is more your thing, then Dominical, Costa Rica needs to be on your vacation bucket list.  World-renowned for its waves, it’s the perfect destination for either beginner or experienced surfers and after a day of hitting the waves, the delicious local cuisine is sure to satisfy your appetite.

If you haven’t already, then you should also visit the home of surfing – Hawaii! Big wave season in Hawaii happens between November and February on Hawaii’s north shores, where the world’s biggest surfing competitions are held.  Most of the Hawaiian islands also offer surfing and paddle boarding lessons for every skill level.


Cycling enthusiasts will love Girona in Spain. This Catalan city is around 90 minutes north of Barcelona by car.  Not only is it home to around 150 professional cyclists but it’s also become something of a Mecca for amateur and recreational cyclists.

Girona boasts its own airport, a glorious Mediterranean climate, stunning quiet roads and a relatively low cost of living, making it perfect for cycling trips.

The Dolomites in Italy are another popular destination for cyclists.  With excellent weather, low levels of rainfall and stunning scenery, the region hosts two famous cycling events every year – the Sellaronda Bike Day in June and September, when the roads are close to traffic and are taken over by some 20,000 cyclists along with the Maratona dles Dolomites in July.


The Alps are a range of mountains in Europe that stretch from Italy through France, and Switzerland into Germany and Austria, ending in Slovenia.  They’re the birthplace of skiing and as such, are legendary among ski enthusiasts.  Here, you can ski for miles amongst breathtaking scenery and soak up Alpine culture in stunning chalets, not to mention indulge in the Après Ski opportunities.

If you’d prefer to stay a little closer to home, then Aspen, nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is perfect for skiing and you can usually count on great snow from November through to April.  Boasting four ski resorts, vacationers travel from across the globe to ski in Aspen and attend events held throughout the season.