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Biggest Ski Resort Slovenia

Slovenia is a growing ski destination in Europe.  Some of the biggest ski resorts in Slovenia include;

  • Kranjska Gora
  • Krvavec
  • Vogel (Lake Bohinj)
  • Bovec

There are various ski resorts to choose, from the biggest ski resort in Slovenia to the highest.

Where is Slovenia

Triple Bridge, Ljubljana

Slovenia is part of the European Union but a lot of people don’t actually know where it is.  Slovenia borders Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.  In fact the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana is just a 2 hour drive from Venice and a 4 hour drive from Vienna.  Additionally it’s a short drive from the Adriatic Sea.  The Alps pass through Slovenia and the Slovenian Alps are known as the Julian Alps.  Slovenia gives you the option of skiing in the alps or sunbathing on the beaches of the Adriatic.  Another big draw for Slovenia is that it’s must cheaper than neighboring Italy and Austria.  Being part of the European Union means it’s just as advanced as it’s neighbors, or at least, catching them up quickly.

Slovenian Alps

Slovenian Alps

The Slovenian Alps are known as the Julian Alps.  They cover most of north western Slovenia and stretch into north eastern Italy.  It’s because of the Italian connection they have their name, they’re named after Julius Caesar.  The highest peak of the Julian Alps is Mount Triglav which is an altitude of 2864 km.  As well as being the highest peak in Slovenia, Mount Triglav was the highest peak of Yugoslavia.  In addition, Mount Triglav features on the Slovenian national flag.

Kranjska Gora

kranjska gora

Kranjska Gora is the biggest ski resort in Slovenia, additionally it’s the most popular.  During the winter they offer ski schools as well as night skiing.  The worlds biggest ski jump is located 10 km from the resort, making Kranjska Gora perfect for advanced ski jumpers.  You may also enjoy snowboarding and skiing on the large number of ski slopes.  The ski slopes vary from easy to advanced.  A kid can learn to ski on the basic slopes, as an advanced skier can take on the black run.  In addition, you can visit the resort in summer.  Many summer activities are available such as hiking, summer sledding and biking.

Kranjska Gora ski map

You can view the Kranjska Gora ski map along with the Kranjska Gora snow report and live webcam on the official website.


Krvavec ski resort

Krvavec ski resort is the second biggest ski resort in Slovenia.  You can choose, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, as well as snow biking.  Hotel Krvavec is located in the heart of the ski resort.  You can organise your activities and ski passes with the hotel.  In addition there is a bar and restaurant to relax in if you’re visiting Krvavec on a day trip.  Although it’s the second biggest ski resort in Slovenia, it maintains a family feel.  Read my in depth experience of my stay at Krvavec ski resort.

Vogel Ski

Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you’re visiting Slovenia, you’ll likely take a trip to Lake Bled.  A short drive from Lake Bled is Lake Bohinj, which is an equally beautiful but less touristic lake.  For Bohinj Slovenia skiing, you can take a cable car from Lake Bohinj.  The cable car ascends Vogel Mountain.  Vogel mountain is 1922 meters in height and part of the Slovenian Alps (Julian Alps).  In addition it’s part of the Triglav National Park.  The Vogel ski resort is one of biggest ski resorts in Slovenia and features many ski lifts and slopes.  The ski resort is excellent value and an added bonus is that you pass the beautiful Lake Bohinj on your way to the resort.  The Vogel ski pass prices and ski map are available online.

Vogel Ski Resort snow conditions

A common question is, what are the snow conditions at Vogel ski resort.  The official webpage monitors the live Vogel weather.  In addition you can view the Vogel ski resort webcam.  Vogel ski resort is usually open from December to April, depending on the weather.

Bovec Ski Resort

Bovec Ski Resort

Bovec ski resort is located on the border with Italy.  If you are visiting Venice, you should consider Bovec for skiing as it’s close by.  The official name is the Kanin ski resort and it’s the highest ski resort in Slovenia.  The ski center is located almost 2300 meters above sea level and is accessible by ski lift.  As well as great panoramic, you can also see the Adriatic sea.  For ski maps and ski pass prices, view the Kanin ski resort website.

Slovenia Winter

Slovenia winter

Winter in Slovenia can be very cold.  In fact when I took this picture (above), the temperature was -20°.  It was taken in late December at around 5 am.  Daytime temperatures throughout winter can vary from cold to extremely cold, especially in the Slovenian Alps.  I recommend bringing warm clothes, which is what you should be bringing if you’re planning to ski anyway!  If you enjoy mountains covered in snow and winter activities, then winter in Slovenia is good for you.

Balkan Ski

It’s debatable whether Slovenia is a Balkan state.  Some maps include Slovenia as part of the Balkans, some don’t.  If Slovenia is indeed part of the Balkans, then it’s definitely one of the premier destinations in the Balkans for skiing.  Another country which is definitely part of the Balkans and good for skiing is Bulgaria.  Skiing in Bulgaria is popular, especially in Bansko as well as Ludogorets.

Slovenia Map

Whichever ski resort you choose in Slovenia, you’ll be within driving distance of many attractions.  You’ll be able to drive to locations in Italy, Croatia and Austria in less than 2 hours.  You can even drive to Portoroz on the Adriatic coast.  If you’re flying to Slovenia often it’s cheaper to fly to Venice and travel overland to your ski resort.

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