Nothing could be better than exploring the stunning archipelago of islands of Croatia on a ferry and enjoy the diversity of landscapes.  If you are on a Croatian holiday and truly want to get under the skin of the country, then travel like the locals and book a ferry.  The term ferry for the locals refers to the ‘catamaran’ and to car ferries, and all of those boats are comfortable and well equipped.

Book your Ferry in Croatia

For most tourists who arrive in Croatia, its beautiful islands are the main draw, and it is easier to reach most of them by ferry.  Croatia’s group islands are divided into different groups as there are more than a thousand islands.  There are Northern Islands, Central Dalmatian archipelago, Zadar archipelago, and more.  The list of islands can just go and on forever.  There are thousands of ferry routes that connect the main coastal areas to the surrounding islands and the limestone caves of the interiors.  All you need to know which of the ferry services to go for that operates out of multiple ports. Hvar and Split are the major ports, and there are several other ports that remain busy such as Šibenik, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Rijeka.  One of the busiest ferry routes is from Hvar to Split, and additional ferries are added during the peak season.

A ferry is indeed the easiest and the most convenient way to travel from one island to another in Croatia.  Today, several state-owned companies and private companies operate local ferry lines.  The majority of ferry services not only serve the Croatian islands but also run services between Croatia to Italy. Most ferries run all year, and one can go for customized itineraries based on their needs.  Before you book your ferry for your holidays in Croatia, get aware of the different ferry schedules and the various timetables for sailings in Croatia.  Based on the timetables, you can book a particular ferry crossing of any chosen port.  You should be aware of the departure destinations and the arrival destinations and the detailed daily, monthly, and seasonal schedules for a particular route.

Book your Ferry in Croatia - Ports

As both islanders and tourists make use of the ferry services, there is a steady rise in the number of ferry tours and operators.  Now you can book your tickets well in advance and based on where you want to go and enjoy a comfortable trip on a well-equipped ferry with seating both inside and out on the deck.  You will even find restaurants, cafes, and bars on the larger boats.  One can even transport their bikes on car ferries for an additional fee.  During the peak summer season, as the ferries get crowded, it is advisable to arrive at least two hours before the departure time.

As ferries are the only way to reach most of the islands in Croatia, sooner or later you will find yourself on a ferry.  It is a cheaper and convenient way to travel across Croatia, and all you need to do is plan a great itinerary and get your tickets booked well in advance from a reputed ferry booking service.  Owing to the growing demand and increasing popularity, there is a rise in the number of ferry booking services come up.  However, not all of them provide the same experience they promise.  So, book your ferry services with a trusted and reputed name like bookaway if traveling around by public ferry.  It is essential to book your tickets in advance to avoid those long queues that can last anything between half an hour and three hours.