Day Trips from Mostar. Possible day trips include Kravice Falls, Sarajevo, Blagaj.

Bosnia – Day Trips from Mostar

Mostar is perfected located to make day trips around Bosnia.  Possible day trips from Mostar include;

  • Kravice Waterfalls
  • Blagaj
  • Pocitelj
  • Stecci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards (UNESCO site)
  • Stolac / Provalije Waterfalls
  • Sarajevo

I stayed at Hotel Kapetanovina in Mostar which has 24 hour balcony views over the Stari Most UNESCO site.  In addition they can organise very low priced private taxis.

Day Trip to Kravice Waterfalls

Bosnia - Day Trips from Mostar - Kravice Waterfalls

A Kravice Waterfalls tour is the most desirable day trip from Mostar.  It’s the Bosnia equivalent of visiting Plitvice falls from Split or Zagreb, Croatia.  The major difference being that Kravice Falls have much fewer tourists.  The official name of the waterfalls are Kravica Waterfalls and they are part of the Trebizat river.  In addition, the water in the Trebizat river is green making them exceptionally beautiful.  The waterfalls are 25 meters in height and you are permitted to swim on site.  As a result, it’s best to visit the falls late Spring through to early Fall.  Furthermore, they are located 40 km south of Mostar.

Day Trip to Blagaj

Bosnia - Day Trips from Mostar - Blagaj

Blagaj is home to one of the most Instagram worthy locations in Bosnia.  To begin with there is a natural spring which is the source of the Buna River.  For this reason, the water is clear with an emerald tinge.  In addition, next to the river is the Blagaj Tekke which gives a postcard perfect reflection.  Furthermore, there is a cute little waterfall at Blagaj.  Blagaj is located south of Mostar therefore it’s usually combined with a Kravice Waterfalls tour.

Day Trip to Pocitelj

Bosnia - Day Trips from Mostar - Pocitelj

Another Instagram worthy location in Bosnia is Pocitelj.  This small town is located on the banks of the colorful Neretva river.  The famous landmark is the Citadel Pocitelj which is more commonly known as the Pocitelj Castle.  If you ascend the small hill to the castle you’ll be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view.  Additionally, Pocitelj is also located south of Mostar and can be combined with a Blagaj and Kravice Falls tour.

Day Trip to Stecci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards (UNESCO site)

Bosnia - Day Trips from Mostar - Stecci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards (UNESCO site)

There are 3 UNESCO sites in Bosnia.  Of course there is the Stari Most bridge in the center of Mostar.  In addition, a short drive from Mostar are the Stecci Medieval Tombstone Graveyards.  In fact, there are more of these tombstones throughout Croatia, Montenegro as well as Serbia.  From Mostar, the most accessible and well kept tomb stones are located in Radimlja.  The tombstones date back to the 12th century and are made from limestone.  Radimlja is located south of Mostar therefore you can visit as part of a Kravice waterfalls tour.

Day Trip to Stolac / Provalije Waterfalls

Bosnia - Day Trips from Mostar - Stolac / Provalije Waterfall

If Kravice waterfalls are Instagram worthy falls in nature then Stolac waterfalls are their suburban equivalent.  An interesting fact about Stolac is that it’s been inhabited for around 15,000 years.  Proof of this long history can be found inside the Badanj Cave. In addition, there is an Ottoman era mill next to the waterfalls which serves delicious local food, of course with a spectacular view!

Day Trip to Sarajevo

Bosnia - Day Trips from Mostar - Sarajevo

Sarajevo is an exciting day trip from Mostar, however I would considering spending more than a day in Sarajevo.  Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina therefore there are plenty of things to see and do.  As a matter of fact, an assassination which took place in Sarajevo sparked World War I.  In addition, further historical events happened here throughout the Bosnian war.  A visit to the Sarajevo underground explains the events of the Bosnian war.  Furthermore, as a former Olympic city, there are a few abandoned Olympic sites you can visit.

How to Organise Day Trips from Mostar

I was lucky because when I asked in reception at Hotel Kapetanovina, they offered low prices for a private taxi service to visit these Bosnia points of interest.  I had searched online and expected to pay double.  Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, I recommend you pop in to ask about private taxi prices.  In addition you may be able to visit the balcony which offers views of the UNESCO Stari Most bridge.

Enjoy your day trips from Mostar!

Visit Mostar Sniper Tower and take the HSK Zrinjski Stadium tour.