Among the magnetizing architecture and world-class museums, and most important out of all, the delicious significant Belgian food as French fries, waffles and chocolate, a trip to Brussels can also include some self-care time.

Bridging the distance between the high-end beauty treatments one can find in all around the country, and the most plain and common DIY care routines, exist plenty of budget-friendly choices to give yourself some spoiling, without draining your pocket!

Keep reading to discover these possibilities and make any in-advance reservations required.

1. Microdermabrasion Treatment

Say goodbye to the dirty and oily layers of your skin and embrace a soother skin-texture with apparent reduced sun-damage results and acne scars.

It is an ideal choice if you are seeking into improving your skin’s health and appearance, without undergoing more invasive and maybe painful as well, procedures.

The treatment lasts in average 30-60 min, and is it quite odd to say, that a consulting aesthetician will carefully examine your skin and advise you whether this type of treatment suits you or if there is a better alternative, such as vibradermabrasion.

2. Essential Face Treatment

In contradiction to the more specialized treatments mentioned above, an overall face treatment will make your skin “breathe” and glow, taking years off of you!  Requiring the very affordable amount of 30-45 minutes of your personal time, an express face treatment can be easily adjusted to your travel or every-day schedule, offering some precious time to shut down the real world and distance yourself from the real-life problems, focusing only on your beauty and well-being.

Again, in collaboration with a beauty specialist, the most suitable steps in between steam, masks, exfoliation, face massage etc., will be indicated.

3. Waxing Services

Sometimes, a travel preparation could be very stressful and frustrating, in our attempt to prepare every little detail before our departure.  Therefore, and in order to avoid taking bad decisions or exceeding our self-limits, we can lighten up our schedules by transferring some of our “tasks” to take place upon our arrival.

A quick research will return waxing places in Brussels to get rid of the excessive hair through the most-famous hair-removal technique and uplift your confidence.

4. Back Rub

Your back, neck and shoulders carry all your accumulated tension and stress.  Most of the time we are not able to understand the stiffness and soreness that have occurred to these parts of our body, until the moment that someone attempts to apply some pressure to the area.

Multi-hour desk working and sedentary life additionally to the everyday struggles, point out engaging in a back rub session from now and then.

The best advantage of back rub technique is that it doesn’t require a specific set-up making it compulsory for you to visit a beauty salon, rather than having the chiropractor visiting your personal or workspace.