Burgas is the fourth largest Bulgarian city.  Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria include;

  • Troykata Square
  • Majestic Buildings
  • Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius
  • Sea Garden
  • Pantheon of the Fallen Antifascists
  • Museums
  • Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis
  • Sandfest

Hotels in Burgas are excellent value and you should consider staying overnight.  Alternatively, you should consider the excellent value resorts and hotels in nearby Sunny Beach.

Troykata Square

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Troykata Square

Every major city has a central square and the central square of Burgas is Troykata Square.  The centerpiece of the square is a Soviet Army monument.  In addition, it’s surrounded by government buildings as well as shopping malls, restaurants and bars etc.  As a matter of fact, you can walk to all of the things to do in Burgas from this square.

Majestic Buildings

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Court House

As you walk around Troykata Square, you’ll pass several majestic buildings.  Two notable buildings are the District Court as well as the Town Hall.  Additionally, there are several Instagram worthy colorful buildings.

Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius

The Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius is the Burgas equivalent to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.  In fact, an interesting connection this has to the Alexander Nevsky is that the stained glass windows were painted by the same artist.  The plaza in front of the church is appropriately named, Saint Cyril and Methodius Square.  Did you know there is also a Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius in Prague, Czech Republic?

Sea Garden

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is the largest park in Burgas but why is it called the Sea Garden?  Simply because it’s a huge garden beside the Black Sea.  The park is full of restaurants, bars. kiosks and even a casino.  There are also theaters, monuments, statues, sculptures as well as the famous Sandfest.  In addition, it’s located adjacent to Burgas beach.  The third largest city in Bulgaria is Varna which also has a Sea Garden and is also located on the Black Sea.

Pantheon of the Fallen Antifascists

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Pantheon of the Fallen Antifascists

As you walk through the Sea Garden I’m sure you’ll pass the Pantheon Monument.  This was built in 1981 in memory of the fallen anti fascists.  If you view the center, it features an eternal flame

Burgas Beach and Pier

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Beach and pier

Burgas Bulgaria is not famous for its beaches, however it does have a couple of stunning Black Sea beaches.  The most popular beaches are adjacent to the Sea Garden.  An instagram worthy spot in Burgas is where the pier reaches out into the Black Sea.  As it’s east facing, sunrise is spectacular here.


Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Sandfest

A huge section of the Sea Garden is devoted to the Sandfest.  In the sandfest, larger than life sculptures are created.  If you’re visiting Burgas with kids, they will especially like the Disney sculptures.  For the older visitors there are also some politically motivated and eastern European style sculptures.  The attention to detail by the sculptors is very impressive whether you’re interested in sand sculptures or not.


Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Museums

There are a couple of noteworthy museums in Burgas.  Firstly, the Archaeological museum and secondly, the Ethnographic museum.  Visit the official Burgas museum website for the latest exhibitions.


A short drive from Burgas is the ancient Roman city of Thermopolis.  Today, you can see the ruins of the fortress as well as visit the restored Roman baths.  There’re also the remains of an amphitheater at Thermopolis.  Visit the Aquae Calidae official site for things to do at Thermopolis and entry fees.

Burgas Train Station

Things to do in Burgas Bulgaria - Train Station

Burgas train station is identical to Varna train station.  Well, not quite as the color is different!  Train enthusiasts will love exploring this historic train station.  There are regular trains direct to the capital Sofia which take around 6 hours.

How to get from Burgas to Istanbul

how to get from burgas to istanbul

The best way to travel from Burgas to Istanbul is by bus.  In fact, the bus station is conveniently located in the center of Burgas and adjacent to the train station.  There is at least one bus per day and it takes around 7 hours to Istanbul.  Of course, problems at the border or with traffic can slow things down.  Finally, complimentary snacks and drinks are served on the service.

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