Buying your first motorbike is an exciting time.  The anticipation of getting out on the open road and experiencing all of nature first-hand is an irreplaceable feeling.  However, if you’re new to the market and not sure where to look, it is natural to feel overwhelmed as you try to navigate everything.  Here are five things everyone buying their first bike should think about.

Passing Your Test

There are a few different routes to becoming a fully qualified driver.  Until you’ve met all the requirements, you might be restricted in what you can actually own and ride on your own.  However, some bikes are fine with provisional licences. For anything bigger than a moped style bike, a theory test certificate is required alongside experience and a practical pass as well.  To cover all your bases, research what kind of motorbike you’re hoping to acquire and follow the official advice as to how to get on the road unrestricted.

The Insurance Cost

In addition to the cost of your test, there will also be motorbike insurance to think about.  Finding the right motorbike insurance for your vehicle is easy enough with a reliable comparison site.  There are different categories of coverage depending on what you want to pay, but it is always better to seek full coverage so you are protected whatever the circumstance.

What You Want to Do with It

Where are you going to ride? Are you intending to go long distances or is it just for flying between social visits? Whatever the reason, it will dictate the style, size, and capacity of the motorbike that you buy.  So decide on your biking goal and line up the purchase to suit it.

Where You’ll Store It

Motorbikes are prime assets for thieves, just like cars! They are more vulnerable because when stored out in the open, they are easy targets to hop on and ride away.  That is why it is far safer to have a secure back garden space or a locked garage to store the vehicle when you’re not riding it.  It will keep the motorbike off the street and therefore limit who can access it.  Thieves will have to try harder, and therefore there will be deterrent factors in their path.  Consider adding a camera to monitor the bike at all times so you can stay vigilant.

Your Budget

How much you have in your savings pot will determine the type of bike you can buy.  There are plenty of great used bike options on the market, just make sure to conduct thorough checks before you hand over any money.  There are lots of useful background verifications available like confirming the MOT certificate, and seeing whether or not it is listed as stolen goods.  This is more important than people realise, as stolen bikes are often trafficked illegally and you would become liable in that circumstance.

Buying your first motorbike is a big task laced with responsibility and possibility.  Though there are administration factors to think about, if you carry out each task properly the motorbike purchase will feel even more valuable and exciting when it’s finally yours.