In the USA, I’ve visited almost every state, including Hawaii and Alaska.  Moreover, I’ve traveled to over 120 different countries.  To enable me to travel so much I must rely on cheap flights.  As a matter of fact, I once flew round trip from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii for $98.  The cost of the flight should be a minor part of my travel budget.  As a result, I have more money to spend at the destination.  But, how do I find these cheap flights?  Here are a few search tips;

Be Flexible in Your Search

Firstly, there are several ways to be flexible, it’s not only about the dates.  As well as being flexible with your dates you should also be flexible with your airport.  Each State has several airports therefore you can save hundreds of dollars by flying to a nearby airport.  If you perform your flight search with CheapOair they will tell you how much you can save by choosing a nearby airport and also by traveling on a different date.

How to Find Secret Deals

Ridiculously cheap flights are written about all the time.  However, to actually see and book one for yourself is another story.  That’s because these “wow” fares are often kept secret.  I promise though, they do exist.  For example, someone may have said, “I found a cheap round trip flight from New York to Las Vegas for $84”.  You’ve searched for hours but not found anything close.  One successful method to find a “wow” fare is simply sign up to CheapOair and they’ll email low price flights which may be of interest to you.  My advice to you is that as soon as you see a “wow” fare, book it immediately.  These low prices should be snatched up straight away before they’re gone!

Multi Trip Options

A vacation to the West Coast is something we all must experience in our lifetime.  But with the complexity of multiple stops, organizing such a trip can be difficult.  How would you go about organizing such a trip?  My advice on this would be to call a travel agent specialists at CheapOair.  Again with a little flexibility you can experience a multi trip vacation at minimal cost.  Here are a few destinations I visited on a recent multi trip West Coast vacation.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Landmarks - Stratosphere

Las Vegas is a top US destination as well as the nightlife capital of the country.  Tourists of all ages will find things to do in Las Vegas from visiting the casinos or taking a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.  That’s not to mention watching a live concert from one of your favorite music stars.

San Francisco

San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate bridge.  You’ve probably seen it in the movies but to see it in real life is a whole different experience.  Did you know it stretches over one mile?  Another top San Francisco landmark is the infamous Alcatraz prison.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Landmarks - US Bank Tower

Los Angeles is of course the home of Hollywood.  For this reason, it appears in a high number of movies.  As a matter of fact, you can take movie tours around the city and if you’re lucky, you may even see a famous Hollywood actor.


Seattle, WA

Seattle is the home of Microsoft.  In addition, you can also find the worlds first Starbucks here.  Why not ascend the Space Needle for panoramic views over this beautiful metropolis?

International Destinations

Westminster, London

Lastly, maybe you wish to visit destinations in Europe or Asia.  Wherever you plan to visit, talking to one of the travel agent specialists at CheapOair can be hugely beneficial to organizing your trip of a lifetime.

Enjoy Your Vacation and Cheap Flights

Go ahead and be cheap!  Search for flights at CheapOair and don’t forget to be flexible on both the dates as well as the airport.  Finally, sign up to the email list for the latest secret deals straight to your inbox.  Go ahead, be cheap and view more tips on this CheapOair video.  Buy the “wow” deals before someone else does!  Brought to you by CheapOair.