College Fjord is a major glacier viewing route on an Alaska Cruise.  Here I share my College Fjord photography from a very moody glacier viewing experience.

Glacier Viewing in College Fjord

Tidewater Glacier in College Fjord, Alaska

Observe five huge tidewater glaciers during your glacier viewing experience through College Fjord.  College Fjord offers incredible views as well as endless photography opportunities on a clear day.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a clear day.  A day with clouds, wind and rain makes it very difficult to get great pictures because visibility is low and water is spraying on your lens.  Not to mention the cold weather.  Pray you have a clear day!

Five Valley Glaciers

Bad weather at College Fjord Glacier Viewing

As well as five tidewater glaciers, College Fjord is home to five valley glaciers.  As the name suggests, these glaciers run for miles through the valleys.

Icebergs Floating in the Fjord

Icebergs in College Fjord Alaska

Small icebergs which have broken off from the huge glaciers are in abundance throughout College Fjord.  Observe these as sometimes you see a bald eagle sat on one or a group of sea lions relaxing on one.  Lastly, an interesting fact about these icebergs is that 90% of them are underwater.

Epicenter of Largest Ever Earthquake in North America

College Fjord, Alaska

The College Fjord area was the epicenter of the biggest earthquake in US history.  This happened in 1964 and the Americans named it the Good Friday Earthquake.  The earthquake was 9.2 on the Richter scale and caused significant damage to the nearby city of Anchorage as well as tsunamis, landslides and avalanches throughout Alaska and neighboring Canada.  Imagine being part of a cruise through the College fjord and experiencing such an event, complaining about the weather or cold hands would seem very trivial.  Read about Lake Toba, Indonesia which was also the epicenter of a huge earthquake.

Glacier Viewing on a Clear Day

Glacier Bay Fjord Alaska

What does a glacier viewing experience look like on a sunny day?  Read about my Glacier Bay National Park glacier viewing.

How to Travel from College Fjord to Denali National Park

Princess cruise coach to Denali National Park

Princess Cruise Coach to Denali National Park

The cruise ship continues from College Fjord to its final stop, Whittier.  From Whittier, I had an overnight in Anchorage before taking a coach to Denali National Park.  When you head north from Whittier, you’ll pass through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.  This tunnel is the longest tunnel in North America at 4 km in length.

Denali National Park to Fairbanks