Comillas is a small town in Cantabria, Spain which has a lot to offer.  Here are a few things to do and see in Comillas Spain;

  • El Duque Mansion
  • Pantheon
  • Sobrellano Palace
  • El Capricho de Gaudi
  • Gate for Birds
  • Gothic Cemetery
  • Prison
  • Comillas University
  • Monument to the First Marquess
  • St Christopher Church
  • Corro Campios
  • Old Town Hall
  • Ocejo House
  • La Cateruca
  • Sacred Heart Statue
  • Comillas Beach

I highly recommend you stay overnight in Comillas as hotels are excellent value.

El Duque Mansion

El Duque Mansion - Comillas, Spain

El Duque is an English style mansion which sits on top of a hill in Comillas.  Not only does it stand out because of its design but also because it’s visible from all over Comillas.  It was built at the end of the 19th century when English style houses were in fashion amongst the rich.

Pantheon (Capilla Panteon)

Pantheon, Capilla Panteon - Comillas Cantabria

Comillas Pantheon is a mausoleum of the first two sons from the Marquess of Comillas.  It was the first modernist building in the city.  Although the building was not designed by Gaudi, he did in fact design the royal seats as well as the benches inside.

Sobrellano Palace

Sobrellano Palace - Comillas, Northern Spain

Adjacent to the Pantheon is the Sobrellano Palace.  It was built for the first Marquess of Comillas.  In addition, it was also used by King Alfonso XII.  As a matter of fact, it’s believed the king laid the first stone in 1888.

El Capricho de Gaudi

El Capricho de Gaudi - Comillas, Spain

The most famous building in Comillas is the Capricho de Gaudi.  Of course, Gaudi is famous for his Barcelona landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.  However, why not visit the more peaceful Comillas Cantabria to see a classic example of his work!

Gate for Birds

Gate for Birds (Portada Casa Moro), Comillas, Cantabria

Another example of Gaudi architecture in Comillas Spain is the Gate for Birds.  Also known as the Portada Casa Moro in Spanish, it has 3 doors.  The main doorway is for cars with the peoples entrance adjacent to it.  Finally, the top right entrance is for birds.

Gothic Cemetery

Gothic Cemetery - Comillas Northern Spain

On top of a hill in Comillas is a walled Gothic cemetery.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most impressive cemeteries in the world, along with the one in Zagreb, Croatia.  The marble statue on top gives it an extra spooky feel.  Lastly, the cemetery makes an excellent sunset location, but it may get a little spooky in the dark!

Prison (La Carcel)

Prison (la carcel), Comillas, Cantabria

The prison was built at the end of the 19th century and served its purpose for many years.  Today however, it’s a hotel for pilgrims on the Way of St James, Northern Route.

Camino del Norte through Comillas

Camino del Norte - Comillas

In front of the prison are signs showing the distance not only to Santiago de Compostela but also to Jerusalem.  This sign has extra significance to pilgrims walking the Camino del Norte.

University of Comillas, Northern Spain

Comillas University

The historic university of Comillas was built by the son of the first Marquess.  It’s built on top of Cardosa Hill and is visible from all over the city.

University Gate

Comillas University Gate

To access Comillas University you must pass through the historic gate.  The plaque on the gate indicates ‘Christ, Saviour of Men’.

Monument to the First Marquess (Sunset Location)

Monument to the First Marquis - Comillas

I’ve mentioned the Marquess of Comillas several times.  His name was Antonio Lopez.  Of course, there is a monument to him overlooking the city.  Furthermore, this monument offers panoramic views over the city as well as the Bay of Biscay.  As a result it’s a popular sunset location.

Punta de la Moira Sunset Location

Punta de la Moira Sunset Location - Comillas

Another both wonderful and secluded sunset location is Punta de la Moira.  From here you have majestic views of the sun setting over the water.

St Christopher Church

St Christopher Church - Comillas Cantabria

San Cristobal Church is the major landmark of Comillas.  It’s located in the center of the city and visitors are welcome to enter.  Once inside, you can admire the displays of religious figures.  One such character is almost a Wolverine version of Mary!

Corro Campios

orro Campios - Central Plaza, Comillas Cantabria

Adjacent to the San Cristobal church is the main square of Comillas.  This is known as Corro Campios and is full of restaurants.  Additionally, a market is often held here.

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall, Comillas Northern Spain

The former town hall is one of the stand out buildings of Comillas.  It was built at the end of the 18th century in Romanesque style.  Those walking the Camino del Norte route to Santiago de Compostela will walk right past it.

Ocejo House

Ocejo House, Comillas Cantabria

You could easily walk past Casa Ocejo on the assumption it’s just another beautiful example of Spanish architecture.  However, a significant event in Spanish history happened here.  On 5th September 1881, King Alfonso XII held an important meeting here.  For this reason, Comillas was considered the Spanish capital for one day.  Lastly, Antonio Gaudi was involved in some of the garden design.

La Cateruca

La Cateruca, Comillas Spain

La Cateruca is a former mansion on a hill in Comillas.  King Alfonso XII famously visited here in 1882 where he held a gala dinner in the gardens.  Today however, La Cateruca has become a stunning set of apartment buildings.  As a result, it’s a private residence.  If you wish to visit the residence you must find an open door and act responsibly once inside.  Photographers will be rewarded at dusk when the low light glows on the facade.

Sacred Heart Statue

Sacred Heart Statue, Comillas, Spain

The Sacred Heart Statue is Comillas answer to Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil.  Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the Spanish civil war and what you see today is a reconstruction.  Nonetheless it’s an imposing statue which overlooks the city.

Comillas Beach

Comillas Beach

Comillas has its very own beach.  In the summer months there’s no better place to cool down.  What’s more, I was there in September and conditions were still ideal to swim.  In addition, there are several cafes and restaurants alongside the beach.

Where to eat in Comillas?

Where to eat in Comillas

There are several good restaurants throughout Comillas so enjoy.  However, there is one family restaurant which I highly recommend.  Unfortunately, it’s not open in the evenings but you can enjoy a good meal there in the afternoon.  Fuente Real restaurant is adjacent to El Capricho de Gaudi, here is the exact location.  Buen provecho.

Enjoy your Visit to Comillas, Spain

Visit Comillas Spain

Enjoy your visit to Comillas, Spain.  Not only can you explore Gaudi architecture without thousands of other tourists but you can also enjoy good Spanish cuisine as well as a good beach!

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