Stade du 28 Septembre is the national stadium of Guinea.  It’s free to enter and take your own stadium tour.  Here are a few highlights and stadium facts.


Stade du 28 Septembre - Location

Stade du 28 Septembre is part of a large sports village.  Therefore as well as the football stadium, you’ll also find several other sports arenas.  It’s a short drive from central Conakry.  If you take a motorbike taxi it should cost $1-$2 for a 15 minute journey.  Consider visiting for a Conakry football match experience.

Stadium Facts

Stade du 28 Septembre stadium facts

Firstly, Stade du 28 Septembre is not the biggest or best stadium in Conakry.  Nonetheless, it hosts the national football team as well as a host of Conakry teams.  Namely, Hafia FC, Horoya AC as well as Satellite FC.  It has a capacity of 25,000 although this can increase or decrease dramatically depending on the event.  Safety is not a consideration in Conakry.  Finally, the biggest stadium in Conakry is the 50,000 all seater General Lansana Conte Stadium further out of town.  Why doesn’t this host the national team?  If you visit Conakry you’ll soon discover that nothing seems to make any sense.

Why Stade du 28 Septembre?

28th September 1958 was the date Guinea voted for Independence from France.  After the referendum, Guinea became the first French Colony in Sub-Saharan Africa to gain freedom.

28 September Protest

Protests to oust the third president of Guinea, Moussa Dadis Camara were held here on 28th September 2009.  During these demonstrations, soldiers opened fire killing several protestors.  Comparatively, similar events have taken place around the world.  The Palace of Justice siege in Bogota, Colombia.  Tiananmen Square in Beijing China.  Within Africa, the Pidjiguiti massacre in neighboring Guinea Bissau.


Not only are sports events hosted here but also major funerals.  As a matter of fact, the funerals of the first and second presidents of Guinea were held here.  They were Ahmed Sekou Toure and Lansana Conte.

Pitch Side and Dugout

Pitch side at Conakry National Stadium

Stroll pitch side and sit where the Guinea stars sit.  Does Guinea have any famous players?  Liverpool FC star, Naby Keita is Guinean and has played here.

Athletics Track and Goal Posts

Goal posts at Stade du 28 Septembre Conakry

The pitch is separated from the crowd by a badly kept athletics track.  No world records will be broken here!

Sports Village

Sports Village at Stade du 28 Septembre - Conakry Guinea

Several small arenas surround the national stadium.  Feel free to explore each arena and there maybe activities to watch.  I watched a basketball game for a while followed by a visit to the Acrobatics Arena.  In here I watched acrobats practicing to a live drum band.  What’s more, they welcomed me in and let me take as many pictures and videos as I wanted.

Enjoy your Visit to Stade du 28 Septembre, Conakry

Stade de la Mission, Conakry

Try visit on match day for a once in a lifetime Guinea football match experience.  If there’s no match on, you’re welcome to enter an view the stadium.  Be sure to explore the surrounding sports village to see if there is any live sport to watch.  Lastly, if there’s no match on, consider visiting the Stade de la Mission (above) in the evening.  If there’s a match on it’s free to watch.

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