Crater Lake National Park is located in southern Oregon in the US.  Here are some Crater Lake facts;

  • Deepest lake in the US, 10th deepest in the world
  • It’s a Caldera Lake
  • 655 meters deep
  • It has 2 Islands, Wizard Island and the smaller Phantom Ship Island
  • It offers perfect reflection photography on a clear day
  • There’s a similar Crater Lake in El Salvador

Where to stay at Crater Lake Oregon

There are a couple of motels and campgrounds at the park.  However, I personally found better value options in nearby Klamath Falls.

Hire a Car to Explore Crater Lake

Your own set of wheels will seriously enhance your Crater Lake experience.

Crater Lake Photography

Crater Lake, Oregon - Photography

If you follow my Instagram page and travel blog you’ll know I regularly use the fish eye lens.  When photographing Crater Lake, I highly recommend this lens.  The combination of a circular lens combined with the circular crater works perfectly.  Alternatively, a wide angle lens would also work well.  Consider a Photography Invoice Template.

However, the most important thing about Crater Lake is the weather.  If you are lucky enough to visit Crater Lake on a clear day like I was, you’ll be rewarded by one of the most beautiful views on earth.  This incredibly beautiful view will be hidden though if you visit Crater Lake on a cloudy day.  Because our American friends like to provide a great service they have set up a webcam so you can see the conditions before visiting.

Crater Lake Islands

Crater Lake Islands, Oregon

The large island is called Wizard Island and the smaller island is called Phantom Ship.  An interesting Crater Lake fact is that there are 7 trees on Phantom Island.  Something else to look out for is the ‘old man of the lake’.  The ‘old man’ is actually a tree stump which has been floating vertically in the water for over 100 years.  I would be very impressed if someone saw the old man in the huge lake and photographed it.

Crater Lake Creatures

Squirrel, Crater Lake, Oregon

Around the lake you’ll see many squirrels.  They are very friendly as I’m sure they get fed well by visitors.  If you like squirrel photography they like to pose in front of the lake!

How to Travel from Crater Lake to Mount Rainier

How to Travel from Crater Lake to Mount Rainier - Washington State Sign, Washington, US

From Crater Lake I headed North on I-5 towards the famous Mount Rainier.  For me part of the fun of driving in the US is getting a photo of the state signs.  Another part of the fun is visiting one of the thousands of fast food restaurants you’ll pass on the interstate.  I drove 6 hours on I-5 North before stopping at Kelso, Washington which offers great value hotels close to Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier to Olympic National Park