When you’ve booked your flights and you’re ready to go there’s only one thing left to do.  That’s to plan.  Where are you going to visit at your destination and what do you want to experience there?  Whether you’re going to this destination to take wonderful photos, dine at the best restaurants or simply to learn about the history of the place.  It’s essential you plan your time in advance so you can maximize your time away.  But how do you plan your trip in advance?  There’s a method to it and it’s called research.  Read on.

Firstly, the last thing you want is to go on your trip and return to discover you’ve missed something amazing.  In fact, I did this in Los Angeles and believe me it’s frustrating.

How to Plan a Travel Experience in Los Angeles

For this example I will show you how to plan a trip to Los Angeles.  As a matter of fact I will show you a new, fun way to do your research which involves next to no effort from yourself.  Firstly, watch the new ‘Things to do in Los Angeles’ YouTube video then gain a little more inspiration from my pictures below.

CheapOair ‘Things to Do’ Series

The CheapOair YouTube page is simple method to discover the things to do in Los Angeles.  Simply watch the YouTube video below and choose which Los Angeles landmarks you wish to add to your travel itinerary.  What’s more, CheapOair are adding new destinations to their YouTube channel all the time so make sure you subscribe to their channel.

Did you gain any Los Angeles travel inspirations from the YouTube video?  I realized there a few points of interest I missed myself when I last visited.  In fact, I must go back to Los Angeles after watching it.  I also subscribed to the CheapOair YouTube page not only for the inspiring content but also to hear about any new competitions and freebies they may be giving away in the future.  Maybe they’ll give away that trip to Los Angeles for free?

My 5 Los Angeles Landmarks

Now onto my Los Angeles points of interest.  I’ve chosen five rare, less visited parts of Los Angeles:

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Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building is a 19th century building which you must not miss.  From the outside the building doesn’t look special but once you enter you’ll be in awe at the cast iron architecture.  Finally, I must mention that the Bradbury Building featured in the movie, Blade Runner.  Los Angeles is the city of movies after all!

Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall

There are two reasons to visit Los Angeles City Hall.  The first is to admire the tallest base isolated structure in the world.  Yes, it’s earthquake proof!  Secondly, you must visit to ascend the observation deck and enjoy Los Angeles panoramic views.

Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles Skyline

There are several panoramic viewpoints of the Los Angeles skyline.  Griffith Observatory is the most popular.   But what are the famous skyscrapers?  You may recognize the circular US Bank Tower?  This building was destroyed by aliens in the movie, Independence Day.  Which is the tallest building in Los Angeles?  Wilshire Grand Center which is also a hotel.  If you want to sleep on top of the world you should book a night or tow here.

Book a Hotel in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Farmers Market

Los Angeles Farmers Market

Los Angeles is famous for its upscale restaurants and fine dining experience.  But, why not go to the farmers market and check out the food from it’s source?  Even if you don’t buy it’s a wonderful experience wandering through this bustling food market.  In addition, the market opened in 1934 making it an important part of city history.

The Getty Museum

The Getty Los Angeles

Did you know there was a piece of Van Gogh art in Los Angeles?  Visit The Getty Museum to see it.  In addition, admire the modern architecture as well as stunning Los Angeles panoramas.

Wherever you choose for your vacation, take the time to plan the things to do before you go.  As a result you’ll maximize your time away and not have any regrets once you return home.

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