The area of Shoreditch, just 3 miles away to the East from the centre of London, is shortly described through the words creativity, trendiness and urban charm.

Its neighbourhoods have a very artistic and rebellious spirit, therefore it’s considered to be the “Mecca” for street art enthusiasts.  It is also a fashion-forward destination, where one can find stylish independent fashion labels, but also hipster alternative fashion stores, and vintage boutiques.  We could say that the area follows the latest trends, offering its habitants and visitors unique findings.

As obvious, at dark hours the area is full of live, and young people are gathering in live music venues and underground clubs, socializing and flirting.  After meeting a person you are interested in getting to know each other, which do you think they are some unique date plans?

1. Boxpark Shoreditch

Going for dinner is never an outdated option for dating, although it makes senses if the eclectic vibe of casual restaurants isn’t what you’re looking for.  Boxpark, is a dining and entertainment destination, where you can indulge for street food, and later grab a drink on the rooftop.  What makes the place unique, is its industrial design, for which metalwork, shipping container facades, and raw materials are used.

2. Mini Golf

If you want to surprise your date with a playful and slightly competitive experience, that will bring you closer, we suggest an afternoon for Crazy Golf in Shoreditch.  Several venues of mini-golf courses, as it’s a widely known and beloved activity across the UK, with imaginative and unique themes and visually appealing decoration can be found.  However, most of them also have a bar area, to grab a drink and relax afterwards.

3. Ballie Ballerson

The venue famous for its large ball pit filled with thousands of colourful balls, is one of the most ideal date ideas, as it combines the lively bar atmosphere with the nostalgia of your childhood, a fact that adds playfulness, making it easier for the energy to flow and the sparkle to be lit.  Check if there is any special event on the particular day, as silent discos or retro-themed parties are occurring.

4. Vintage Shopping

In such a region, it would be impossible to exclude the hunting of vintage treasures of our date-planning list.  Shopping doesn’t refer only to clothes, which might feel a little bit awkward, but to all type of past treasures, that are characterized by a romantic vibe.  Visit some unique record stores for vinyl-digging and get the chance to explore if your music interests match! Plus, you will have an informal deal of meeting again, for listening to the disc you bought together!