It’s difficult not to be charmed by Lisbon.  It’s a city that will really draw you in, and it makes for a fairly inexpensive trip too.  You’ll find just about everything you want from a city break in Lisbon, from delicious food and drink to oodles of history and culture.  If you’re travelling by land, there are train connections to major European cities.  For example, if you take the Eurostar from London to Paris, you can then travel via San Sebastian, Barcelona, or Seville and Faro.  Of course, there’s always the option to drive or perhaps even take a cruise.  Once there, here’s what you should do.

Try the Food and Drink

For a lot of people, travelling somewhere new is all about the food and drink.  Even if it’s not the main attraction for you, it’s sure to feature in your itinerary.  There’s always the option of seeking out something you’re familiar with, but why bother when you can discover a whole new culinary world? Portugal is home to pastel de nata, traditional custard tarts, but that’s not all you can discover in Lisbon.  You’ll find restaurants, bars and cafes serving Portuguese food but also other cuisines if that’s what you’re looking for.

Try the Food and Drink

Immerse Yourself in History and Culture

Lisbon definitely isn’t short on history. Although much of the city was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1755, it’s one of the oldest cities in the world and dates back much further.  So if you’re a history buff or you’re after some refined culture, Lisbon isn’t somewhere you want to miss out on.  From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to museums and galleries, there’s a lot to take in.  If you want a complete picture of the history of the city, consider taking a tour that will show you some of the main sites.

Explore on Foot (or by Tram)

One of the best things about Lisbon is how walkable it is, like many European cities.  Getting around on foot is the best way to explore, giving you the time and space to slow down and really take everything in.  Take a look at a map of the city if you need to get your bearings, but allow yourself to get a little “lost” among the city’s winding streets too.  If you find your feet getting tired, there’s also the option of taking the tram.  Trams are easy to use and can take you around the city at an affordable price.

Explore on Foot (or by Tram) - Discovering Lisbon

Enjoy the Beautiful Views

Lisbon is located at the mouth of the Tagus River.  It’s also a pretty hilly city, which means that getting to a high vantage point is an easy thing to do.  Both of those things together make for some incredible views.  The city’s many miradouros (or viewpoints) are popular locations to look out over Lisbon or the river.  Head to one of them in the Amalfa district to get an amazing view before you leave.

Visit Lisbon for a short break, or a longer one, and you’re sure to leave the city feeling thoroughly charmed.