Diyarbakir Stadium was completed in 2018.  It’s the home stadium of Amed SK who play in the lower Turkish league.  Reasons to visit the Diyarbakir Stadium include;

  • Visit a modern stadium
  • Take a private Diyarbakir stadium tour escorted by a policeman
  • Enjoy a matchday experience in Turkish Kurdistan
  • Watch Amed SK play in the Turkish league
  • Newest stadium in the Kurdistan region
  • 33,000 capacity

The stadium is located in west Diyarbakir therefore I recommend taking a taxi to the venue.  You can show a picture of the stadium to the driver and he’ll take you there.  He’ll probably turn the meter on but double check as you set off.


Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - Location

Diyarbakir stadium is located in the outskirts of the city therefore a taxi is a must.  In fact the whole area around the stadium is a newly built residential area.  Some of the apartment blocks appeared to be ghost towns but I’m sure they’ll fill up soon.  In addition, the colorful buildings and perfectly lined streets are quite photogenic.  If you arrive on a non match day, you must be aware there is no official stadium tour.

How to enter Diyarbakir Stadium

Security is quite high in Turkish Kurdistan and there are police surrounding the stadium.  To gain access, I told them I was from Liverpool and I have come to see the stadium.  If you’re German or Spanish, tell them you’re from Barcelona or Munich, they’ll be impressed!  They checked my passport and 1 policeman escorted me on a private Diyarbakir stadium tour.  Afterwards they told me about their favorite teams and players in both Europe and Turkey.  Funnily enough there was a Galatasaray Fenerbahce rivalry between the police!  The most important factor here is that they are friendly and I’m sure they’d be made equally welcome on a visit to Anfield, Liverpool.

Diyarbakir Sign

Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - Diyarbakir Sign

When you arrive at the stadium, it’s likely the taxi will drop you off by the ‘I Love Diyarbakir’ sign.  This is your first photo opportunity of the Diyarbakir stadium tour.  I didn’t see another sign like this in the city center as a result it’s quite a unique photo opportunity.

Diyarbakir Stadium

Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - Stadium

Diyarbakir stadium was completed in 2018 therefore it’s one of the newest stadiums in the world.  It has a capacity of 33,000 spectators with every seat having a clear view of the action.  A good place to take your photo in the stadium is with the Diyarbakir stand in the background.

VIP Seats

Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - VIP Seats

The padded VIP seats offer a little bit more comfort as well as the best view in the stadium.  As you can imagine, a VIP ticket for a lower league Turkish team is excellent value.  Even the policemen outside are more interested in Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, as a result I recommend you take a look at the VIP options if you’re visiting on a matchday.  Furthermore, as well as the comfy well place seats, you also get access to the indoor dining facilities.  It can get hot in this part of the world and air conditioning will enhance your matchday experience.

Presidential Seats

Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - Presidential Suite

The VIPs of Amed SK sit in the presidential section.  In addition, they have steps up to this section.  Maybe, if Amed SK win a cup one day, the players will do the walk up here and be presented the trophy!  Nonetheless, it looks an important section with the sparkling Turkish flag on display.

Players Tunnel and Dugouts

Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - Players Tunnel

I didn’t ask to visit the players tunnel or dugouts, I was happy to see them from a distance.  In fact, I was happy that the police had invited me inside the stadium at all.  If you have a strong desire to see this area, do ask the policeman.  Who knows, they may also invite you into the home and away dressing rooms as well!  I would guess that if you wear a Galatasaray or Fenerbahce shirt, they will be very happy and more likely to take you there.

Enjoy your Diyarbakir Stadium Tour

Diyarbakır Stadium Tour - Diyarbakırspor FC - Kurdistan, Turkey - Enjoy your tour

Enjoy your visit to the Diyarbakir stadium but most importantly, be respectful to the police.  They are here to ensure the security of the stadium, therefore do not act in a threatening way and ask them before you do anything!

How to get to Diyarbakir Stadium

I recommend you arrive at the stadium by taxi as it’s away from the center and Diyarbakir is a huge city.  Taxis are cheap in Diyarbakir and always turn on their meter.  Simply tell the driver you wish to go to the stadium, it’s the same word in Turkish (Stadyum).  To be sure he’s taking you to the correct stadium you could show him one of my stadium pictures.

If you’re visiting Istanbul, I recommend the Galatasaray, Fenerbahce or Besiktas stadium tours.