A reported 39 percent of all millennials take road trips to refresh their minds from the bustle of daily life, according to Kelton Global.  It seems we would all do well to follow this example, and disconnect from our usual stresses by having an adventure on the open road.  If you live in the UK and have never considered treating yourself and your friends on a dream road trip, here are some tips to get you started.

Plot Out Your Dream Itinerary

What makes a road trip a dream road trip is an itinerary.  Think of where you’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t because they were too far to conveniently visit in your limited vacation days. Britain is just as filled with natural wonders as it is with historical marvels.  Rack your brain for castles and vistas you’ve always wanted to see.  Similarly, ask anyone who’s coming along where they’ve always wanted to go.  You’d also want to make note of areas that may have places of interest somewhere along the line.  That way, when a certain point in your itinerary becomes unavailable, you can take a detour through those areas.  Websites like Atlas Obscura are great for pointing out amazing places located along paths less traveled.  The journey is more important than the destination, after all.

Do Your Research Before Choosing A Car

Choosing the right car will depend entirely on the places you’ll visit.  If you want to visit various campgrounds all over Great Britain, an SUV or other heavy-duty vehicle would be the way to go.  If you’re going solo or with a small group, compact cars are a cost-effective choice, especially when traveling narrow roads. When you’ve decided on what car to use, be sure that you have insurance coverage for traveling.  You’ll also do well to read your credit card’s fine print and your travel insurance conditions.  In doing this, you’ll find out how much insurance is automatically covered.

Be Flexible When Booking Accommodations

Aside from endless sights of mountains, beaches, and hilltops, the UK is also rich in dreamscape establishments.  Chances are, even in the less-traveled areas, you’ll find plenty of accommodations.  Compare accommodation prices on sites like Expedia, Kayak, and Booking.com.  This will help you find several establishments that fit your budget.  When you have a sizable selection, you can just go where the open road takes you and even book accommodations as you head to your next destination, whether it is planned or on a whim.

Planning your dream road trip doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  All it takes is knowing where you want to go, how to prep your gear well, and stay flexible in your plans.  Keep all these in mind, and you’ll be having your dream road trip across the UK in no time.