When you visit a new country, you are bound to encounter new foods and recipes that you have never heard of before.  For some people, new foods can be a source of anxiety (i.e., because of allergies, food sensitivities, or fear of unhygienic preparation).

If you are planning on travelling and are nervous about trying new foods, then this post has got you covered.  You will find out everything that you need to know about eating food in foreign countries that you have never been to before right here.

Chain Restaurants

When you are in a foreign country, sometimes it’s best to stick to chain restaurants, like Mcdonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.  Such restaurants tend to have very strict hygiene rules, so even if the food in the country that you are travelling to is dangerous for foreign travellers, you will still be able to eat in them.  You can explore this article and these options if you want to learn what prices are in international chain restaurants.  The price of a cheeseburger in Mcdonald’s isn’t necessarily going to be the same in Delhi as it is in London.

Packaged Foods

If food in the country that you are travelling to is dangerous for foreigners to eat, then stick to packaged food.  Some people load up on canned and packaged food at the airport before they fly.  This is a good idea if you have a lot of space in your bag.  If you do not, then try to find a grocery store in the country that you are travelling to and buy packaged food.  Packaged food is usually produced in clean and sterile environments, meaning it’s safe to eat, wherever you are.

Viral Outbreaks

Unfortunately, sometimes viral outbreaks occur, affecting fresh produce.  For example, there is a Nipah virus outbreak in Bangladesh at the moment.  The Nipah virus is spread predominantly by fruit bats in Bangladesh.  It is possible to contract the virus by coming into contact with food or water contaminated with fruit bat droppings.  Since these bats live in fruit trees, you can therefore contract the virus by eating fruit that has come from a tree inhabited by these bats.  This, therefore, means it’s dangerous for people to eat the fruit in regions experiencing Nipah outbreaks.  Research whether or not the place that you are going has a Nipah outbreak or any similar viral outbreak.

Travel Companions

One of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe in a foreign country as far as food is concerned is to travel with somebody who’s from the place that you are visiting.  By finding a travel companion who’s familiar with the area, you won’t have to worry about eating at unclean restaurants.  Also, if you have allergies, then the person you are travelling with will be able to explain to restaurant owners and food distributors what foods you can’t eat.  It can be hard to communicate one’s allergies to people without speaking their language.

Street Food

9 Eating Tips To Follow When Visiting A New Country

Unless you are travelling in a developed nation (and even then it can be dangerous) avoid eating street food.  The reason that it’s not safe to eat street food in developing countries is that food is more often not prepared unhygienically and is sometimes rotten by the time that it’s sold.  If you are going to persist and eat street food, then try to find a local guide who can take you to the safest and best street food stalls in the town, city, or area that you are travelling in.

Blog Recommendations

One of the best ways to find good restaurants when you are in a foreign country is to read travel blogs.  Travel bloggers regularly endorse local restaurants if they think that they’re good.  Also, many travel bloggers will tell you which restaurants you should avoid.  Never just blindly take a blogger’s recommendations, however.  It is important to only ever take the advice of bloggers who are experienced and have large online followings.  You may also want to consider reading a blogger’s reviews to get an idea of whether or not the recommendations they make have helped other people.  Avoid bloggers who are sponsored by the restaurants they endorse.

Reading Reviews

A good way to tell whether or not it is worth going to a foreign restaurant is to read its reviews.  As long as the country you are travelling in is developed and people have access to the internet, you should have no problem finding online reviews.  If you are not able to read online reviews, then alternatively, you can ask locals to give you their opinion about the restaurant that you are intending on going to.  Most people will be more than happy to give you support and advice if you ask them.  You may need to know the local language before you can ask for help though.

Bottled Water

Eating isn’t the only thing that you need to think about when travelling in a foreign country, you also need to think about the water that you are drinking.  Sometimes, people consume water that’s unsafe for them to drink when they drink from taps in foreign countries.  Bottled water is the best way to avoid getting food poisoning, or more dangerous infections.  Only ever buy bottled water from grocery stores and restaurants.  Unfortunately, it is sometimes common for people to fill bottles with tap water, and then sell them to tourists.  Consuming such water can be dangerous.  You can avoid these kinds of sellers by shopping in proper stores.  Make sure that the water you are drinking has not been opened before consuming it.

Be Adventurous

Finally, as long as the country you are travelling in is safe, be adventurous with the food that you eat.  What’s the point of travelling if you aren’t going to experience everything that the country has to offer you?  Trying the local cuisine is one of the best ways of learning about the people and meeting locals.

When visiting a new country, you need to take care not to eat food that’s unsafe or contaminated with bacteria.  You can do this by following the guidance set out in this post.  The best way to avoid contaminated food is to eat in chain restaurants, which is possible in most countries, even developing ones.