If you own a business, it can be hard to find time to relax and travel when you have so many business-related commitments.

However, there are ways to expand your successful company from overseas while you’re enjoying your travels.

If you’re looking to grow your business abroad, then check out these five fantastic tips!

1. Keep in Touch with the Company

While you’re away it’s essential to place someone trustworthy in the place of managing the day-to-day operations of your business.

You might want to check in regularly to make sure that everything is going to plan and to quickly address any issues or problems.

To do this, you can use software like Zoom to create virtual meetings with employees and clients easily, with all the personal connection of a real-life face-to-face business meeting.

Keeping up an open line of communication also means you can keep track of your business developments and stay updated while you’re away. This will help to streamline your return to work when you’ve completed your travels.

2. Use Recruitment Software

Using recruitment software like Oleeo can enable you to keep all your recruitment information in one place without worrying about scrambling through paperwork.

Oleeo uses integrated artificial intelligence to help you with large scale hiring by filtering out less qualified candidates and removing bias from job postings.

Using software will reduce the time you need to spend on administrative tasks, therefore increasing the time you can spend on expanding your company.

3. Use Digital Marketing to Your Advantage

Digital marketing is a great way to make sure you can publicise your company easily from overseas.

Global social media channels like Facebook and Instagram can help to transport information across continents, and you can find tips for boosting your social media channels from Facebook’s help centre.

The advantage to digital marketing is that it can be created and maintained from anywhere in the world, depending on the market you’re appealing to.

You might want to hire a good quality copywriter to optimise your on-site content so that it ranks better in Google search results, thereby providing you with a better customer reach.

4. Build an Impressive Employee Referral Scheme

This is an easy way to expand your business without worrying about the costs involved in advertising or marketing.

Employee referral schemes allow people to recommend customers or skilled candidates to the company and receive rewards like shopping vouchers or cash.

This will provide you with a highly recommended talent pool of potential employees that will reduce the time needed to be spent on recruitment.

5. Keep a Loyal Team

Keeping loyal employees will help you to drive your business to new heights with a shared vision and consistent service for customers/clients.

Having a loyal team also points towards greater engagement, higher profits, and a stronger brand image.  All of these factors make a strong workforce.

To encourage employee loyalty, make sure you reward good work, conduct regular performance reviews and remain open to feedback from your staff.

Do you have any tips for expanding your company while you’re overseas? Share your answer in the comments section below!