Exploring a new country is always exciting and there are many ways to go about it.  Some will experience a culture through its food or architecture, while the others take in the landscapes and nature from above during an excursion flight.  There is no right or wrong method to explore a new destination, but there certainly are some more unique and interesting ways to do it. Here are 5 of such examples!

Bicycles and e-scooters

If you are someone who enjoys spending their leisure time actively, exploring a country by e-bike or an e-scooter could be a really fun idea.  You would be surprised just how far you can get this way and, the best part is, this mode of transport gives you a lot of flexibility.  You are able to visit some incredible nature paths while also easily getting around larger cities and urban areas.


Travelling by train is in many instances a much more interesting and unique method of exploring a country than by a car.  This is because train tracks are typically situated in parts of the country that are a lot more remote or otherwise inaccessible by other modes of transport. For example, a train journey in Norway can be more impressive than the destination itself, as you are surrounded by breathtaking coastal views, huge mountain peaks, beautiful lakes, fjords and other unspoilt nature!


Chartering a boat on a holiday is another unique way to explore a new destination.  Boating is ideal for seeing a place in a new light. Looking in from the outside and cruising around in a boat can offer unparalleled city skyline views, along with sunsets and the freedom to beat the traffic.  This is particularly recommended for island hopping, where you can appreciate multiple locations in a single trip, explore exotic caves and rock formations or enjoy some water sports.


Walking is perhaps the most overlooked form of travel because it’s slow.  However, it’s the slowness that offers a unique experience – to soak in your surroundings at a wandering pace.  A car will get you from A to B, and you won’t see too much along the way.  But, walking gives you the freedom to spontaneously stop off at local establishments, take picturesque detours, and go at your own pace.  Plus, there’s a feeling of accomplishment attached to completing a long walk.


Hitchhiking has a somewhat bad reputation, brought to it by a few horror films and shocking headlines in the past.  Of course, you should always be cautious and use common sense while travelling.  However, statistically hitchhiking is nowhere near as dangerous as most people think.  In fact, it can be a highly adventurous and rewarding way to explore a new place – you end up meeting lots of interesting people with their own stories, getting great local recommendations and visiting new areas spontaneously.

Final word

Exploring a new destination will mean various different things to different people.  The five ways of travelling mentioned above are perhaps more unique and interesting than some of the most popular choices, such as car trips or guided tours.  However, the most important thing is that you feel safe and enjoy yourself during your travels!