Us Brits are lucky in that we have so many outstanding travel destinations effectively on our doorstep.  From some corners of England, it’s possible to be in breathtaking, foreign lands in less time than it would take an American to cross their state.  That’s pretty special. While there’s much to love about exploring those exotic, far-flung countries, the ease of exploring nearby countries makes it extra attractive.  In this blog, we’re going to focus on our nearest neighbour, France.  We’ll discuss some useful tips that’ll help you to explore the magnificent natural scenery that the country offers.

Pick Your Region

First thing’s first: which region of France are you going to explore? In an ideal world, you’d have enough time to explore all corners of the country, but we’re aware that this isn’t always possible.  One of the interesting things about France is that there are different cultural and geographical landscapes; these exist in all countries, but they’re more pronounced in France than they are, say, England. In the north, you’ll find a landscape that’s dimly similar to the UK. In the east, you’ll find gorgeous and dramatic mountains.  The south is all about rolling hills and “the good life.”  All of them have their merits; it all depends on what you’re looking for.

When To Go

As with all travel adventures, when you decide to go will have an impact on your overall experience.  While it’s possible to enjoy an outdoorsy trip to France at all times of the year, we think it’s generally best to go in spring or summer (unless you’re planning on skiing, but even that’s possible in spring).  If you have an option, avoid going during peak summer.  If you’re going down south, then you’ll find that it gets pretty hot, and the costs of travel (such as campsites, etc.) are more expensive then, too.  Late spring or late summer is probably the best time to go.

Getting There

One of the best things about taking a trip to France is that, well, it’s just so close!  And especially so if you’re already in the south of England.  There are multiple ways to get there without flying (coach, train, ferry), but if you’re going to explore the outdoors of France, then it’s best to have your own vehicle.  This could be a car or a motor-home; if you’re interested in the latter but don’t yet own one, then take a look at motorhome and campervan finance — they can be more affordable than you might think.  With your own set of wheels, you’ll be able to reach the French destinations that are a little harder to reach — plus, it’s just a more fun way to travel!

Give Yourself Enough Time

Finally, try to give yourself as much time as possible to explore the region.  No-one likes to rush through an adventure!  Two weeks will be ideal, but if you can stretch it to three or four weeks, then you’ll find that everything is much more relaxed and that you’re able to really take in all the pleasures of French life — including the slower, wine- and food-heavy lifestyle.