Are you planning to travel to England soon? London is great and all, but you haven’t seen the North of England.  If you’re more interested in staying in the city, it’s not a problem as there are cosmopolitan cities in the North.  Also visit the more remote areas, the countryside of the North.  Below are three tips that’ll help you explore all of Northern England.  You can also use tools like this Europe trip planner so that your exploration of this incredible country isn’t limited to the capital city.

1. Modes Of Transport To Use

The first decision you’ll have to make is the mode of transport you’ll be using.  You can rent a car or use public transportation to navigate the North.

Renting a car costs around £130 per week, and you’ll also have to constantly fill up the tank.  But it’s a great option because you can navigate your way to the destination and park right at it.  Alternatively, use a train, coach or taxi.

The train is faster than the coaches but can be expensive if booked late.  Try to book it as early as you can, and two single tickets can be cheaper than a return ticket.  Coaches (buses) are cheaper but also slower. You can take them if you’ve got time.

To catch a taxi, you can contact a metre taxi.  There are usually phone numbers online, in pubs and at your accommodation’s front desk.  Alternatively, use those operated through apps like Uber.

2. Explore The Cosmopolitan Cities Of Northern England

In the North of England, the main cosmopolitan cities to have your cup of tea in are Manchester, Liverpool and York.  If you want to explore England’s rich history and creative side, you’ll find a lot of museums and galleries in Liverpool.  You can learn more about The Beatles and the Titanic at Albert Dock and the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

If you want a mixture of delving into the knowledge scene by day and diving into the party scene at night, then go to Manchester.  There are countless museums about the history and culture of this city.  There’s also a great amount of diverse and vibey restaurants, pubs and clubs.

To feel like you’re in a history movie, you can take on the cobbled streets of York.  It has the most historic building structures.  You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back to mediaeval times.

3. Explore The Countryside Of The North Of England

North of England’s countryside is home to great national parks.  Some are more scenic than others, while some are quiet enough for you to stop and connect to nature.  For an amazing display of water and land, you can visit Lake District.  The area has 16 lakes, many mountains, valleys and beautiful villages.  It’s also home to the deepest lake and highest mountain in England.

Other places to visit in the countryside are the Northumberland National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site Hadrian’s Wall and the Yorkshire Dales.

Our Conclusion

England’s tourist attractions aren’t limited to its capital.  You can visit the North of England and explore its cities and countryside.  You’ll find a lot of exciting experiences in both worlds, from historical museums and diverse nightclubs to deep lakes and charming villages.