Fishing is a very popular sport.  If you have never tried it out before but you want to, then one of the first things that you need to do is to find the perfect location.  However, if you aren’t an experienced fisherman, then you likely won’t have any idea how to identify and determine a good fishing spot.

There are many different qualities and attributes that make a fishing spot good, from the water’s clarity to the speed that it runs.  This post will simplify and demystify finding fishing spots for you, so you can find the spot that’s right for you.

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing is a lot of fun.  It is arguably the best way to catch large fish since you’re almost guaranteed to every time that you go out on a boat.  When you fish inland, it can be unpredictable at the best of times.  If you are interested in sea fishing, then rather than attempting to do it by yourself, look for local charters who you can go out with.  A charter company will be able to take you out to all of the best fishing spots in your local area, not to mention give you advice and guidance on how to fish properly.

Private Land

When you are looking for locations to go fishing, you need to avoid private land.  A lot of fishermen who are out looking for new locations accidentally end up trespassing.  If you know of any landowners in your area who have large private lakes, you should ask them for their permission to fish there before you turn up.  Most landowners will be more than happy to oblige you, as long as you are respectful and don’t behave inappropriately or mishandle fish.

Attending Fisheries

If you want to find a good place to go fishing, then you should look for local fisheries.  A fishery is a professional fishing venue, usually stocked with very large fish.  Fisheries are not especially common in the United States, but in Europe and the United Kingdom, they are where most people go fishing.  With that said, you still can find fisheries and pay-to-fish lakes in the United States.  The amount that you usually have to pay to fish in a private fishery is generally very little.  Most private fisheries don’t allow you to keep what you catch, so you shouldn’t try to take fish home with you unless the fishery’s management has given you permission to do so.

Geographic Location

Your geographic location is something that you need to factor in when you are searching for a place to go fishing.  If you live very far inland and there aren’t many rivers or lakes around you, then you might need to go a little further away to find fish.  While it is true that you can find fish in all lakes and rivers, regardless of their size, the fish that you find in small, isolated lakes and streams are unlikely to be very large, and won’t be fun to catch.

Predatory Birds

If you want to know how to find places that have lots of fish, look for evidence of herons or kingfishers.  These birds target fish. It is common to find herons sitting beside rivers, canals, and lakes.  If you identify an area where herons are breeding and thriving, then it is highly indicative of there being fish there, also.  Kingfishers tend to target small fish but can still indicate the presence of fish.  It is common to find kingfishers and herons hunting on the same bodies of water.

How To Find An Ideal Place For Your Fishing Adventures

Asking Locals

Undoubtedly the best way to find out about good local fishing spots is to ask the locals.  If you are new to an area, then try to find your local fishing tackle store.  All you have to do is to go in and speak to the store’s manager and you should be able to find out information about good local fishing spots.  When you are speaking to people and asking for their recommendations on fishing spots, make sure that you are polite.  A lot of people guard their fishing locations closely to stop people from coming and overfishing them.  If you aren’t polite then it’s very likely that you will be sent to busier, overfished fishing spots.  If you have good manners, on the other hand, you could end up finding out about some hidden gems.

Using Forums

Internet forums are a very effective way of finding out about good fishing spots.  When you are using internet forums, you should be aware that they tend to be frequented by people from all over the  United States, and even the world.  Because of the huge geographic diversity of forum users, you’re unlikely to find anyone from your specific city or state.  In spite of this, you can still make a post on a forum asking for people to give you advice on local fishing locations.  If you’re lucky, somebody from your area (or somebody who knows your area) might pop up and help you out.  It should be said that forums are not as popular today as they once were, so you might struggle to find an active one to use.

Digital Maps

One effective way of finding out about places to go fishing is to use Google Maps.  Google Maps will show you where bodies of water are.  Any areas marked in blue are water.  You can also use Google Map satellite image map, which will give you a clearer idea of where lakes and rivers are located.  When you are using digital maps to find fishing spots, make sure that you don’t unintentionally trespass or fish private fisheries without paying.

Urban Exploration

Lastly, if you enjoy hiking and want to get outside, then you could take your fishing rod and try to find lakes and rivers in your area through exploration.  It is probably a good idea to use your phone’s map function to aid you in your searches, as mentioned previously.  Alternatively, you can find a local river, then walk down it and try to find the best spot.  Look for signs of fish, such as ripples on the water’s surface, jumping fish, and as already mentioned, herons.

Fishing is a lot of fun.  However, it can be pretty boring if you don’t find a good fishing spot.  You can use the tips suggested by this article to find perfect locations for fishing.  Make sure that you are always polite, and respectful, and handle the venue’s fish properly, especially if you are fishing on somebody else’s land.