Before undertaking a journey to a far-off land, remember that your Visa application needs to be completed. without flight reservation your visa application is considered incomplete, and unacceptable.  Flight reservation is intended to confirm your flight for a particular country.  In the same way, the Visa validation authorities will only be willing to accept your visa application with your flight reservation.

The most exciting fact about flight reservations is that you can only believe the validity of your visa if you have reserved your ticket at some authentic airline that will take the responsibility of landing you safely at the airport of your intended destination.

Moreover, Your Flight reservation contains detailed information about the time of your ticket booking, time of your flight, the date of your flight, your final destination, and information about the Transit country, as the case might be.

Why Is Flight Reservation For Schengen Visa Essential?

Flight reservation for Schengen visa is vital because it adds a more significant amount of credibility to the overall visa documentation.  Moreover, flight reservation is a prerequisite of almost all the Schengen countries.  You can visit this website to get and learn more about flight reservation validity and verifications.

Types of Flight Reservation:

There are two most important types of flight reservations.

1- Online verifiable flight Reservation
2- procurement of an Actual flight ticket

Online Verifiable Flight Reservation

An online verifiable flight reservation is a dummy reservation.  You are not required to pay the complete amount of your actual ticket.  In fact, that is a fraction of your actual ticket.  The advantage of opting for a verifiable flight reservation lies in the fact that you are not under the obligation to pay the heavy amount of an actual ticket.

In the same way, it is advantageous in the worst-case scenario of your visa rejection.  For example, if you have paid your actual flight ticket, that is say hundreds of dollars, and in the course of time your visa is rejected due to an unexpected factor, the amount you paid is wasted.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should choose a verifiable flight reservation instead of an actual ticket.

Actual Flight Ticket

In contrast, the case with the actual flight ticket is quite contrary.  You are required to pay the complete amount.  That puts you at risk of losing hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Is the Verifiable Flight Itinerary Credible?

Of Course, a verifiable flight reservation is credible, provided you confirm and thoroughly verify the details of the booking agency.  You can verify your flight reservation by visiting the airline’s website.

You can have thorough information regarding the credibility of that agency.  This step will put you at a lesser risk of being misled. Before applying for a visa reservation, you should ensure that your flight reservation provider is authentic.

If you are confused about Schengen visa flight reservation, and want a hassle-free reservation, you can consult SFRV Travels for Flight reservations to the Schengen visa application. We extend our verifiable flight reservation, the authenticity of which can be confirmed directly from the airline’s websites.

The Additional Services SFRV Provides in Consonance with Visa Requirements:

In accordance with other services such as verifiable flight reservation, SFRV is distinguished from the different providers because we offer special discounts to a group of travellers.  If you want to avail this discount, keep in touch with our website.

In the same way, we provide you with a cover letter, an important document, and a prerequisite for the visa application process.

One-way and Roundtrip Reservations for Visa Application

Flight reservation is of 2 types:
1- One-way flight reservation
2- Roundtrip flight reservation

One-way flight reservation for visa application is a reservation that explains the information about your entrance into a particular country for which you have applied for your visa.  It has nothing to do with your return date and other vital details about the exit.

On the other hand, roundtrip flight reservations for visa applications cover your entrance details and your exit time and date.

Why is Opting for Roundtrip Flight Reservation Preferable?

Opting for the roundtrip flight reservation for your visa application is preferable.  The advantage of the roundtrip flight reservation lies in the following factors:

1- it confirms to the visa officers your intention to stay in a particular country for a specific period.
2- Roundtrip flight reservations increase the chances of your visa acceptance.  Owing to the illegal wave of immigration into Schengen and other European countries, the authorities have become sceptical about the true intention of the applicants.

Therefore, considering the advantages of roundtrip flight reservations, one can conclude that roundtrip flight reservation is a plausible option.

Step by Step guidance about booking a flight for visa application:

Booking a flight for a visa application is a process that involves many necessary steps.  The following terse paragraphs depict a complete cycle of flight reservations.

Step 1:

When booking a flight, keep in mind to insert the correct information.  Your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, passport number, etc. should be in harmony with your passport.  In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency, your visa can be rejected.

Step 2:

Delineate your travel details while keeping your visa details in view.  The exact time, date, the city of your stay, etc., should be in Consonance with your visa.


Some of the embassies require the applicant to provide a roundtrip itinerary to make sure the exact time of a his/her return.

Step 3:

As is the rule, the embassies look carefully into the authenticity of all the required documents.  Therefore, it is vital to book your flight from an authentic airline.

Step 4:

Lastly, keep safe all the confirmation emails, receipts, and other documentary proofs that you know will be needed at any point.  For further queries, you can contact SFRV Travels.  We will guide you regarding your flight reservation and other required elements.

Is There Any exemption in the Flight Reservation?

The world in the 21st century has become more and more amalgamated.  In other words, globalisation has created multiple opportunities for people around the globe to mingle for mutually beneficial purposes, such as:

– Education
– Business
– Cultural exchange
– Tourism/exploration
– Medical treatment
– Employment

Meanwhile, the globalised world also has requirements that are binding upon the ambitious people to move across borders and explore diverse cultures, cuisines, and places.

Flight Reservation is one of the binding principles in most countries’ rule books.  Flight reservation, particularly that of a roundtrip flight reservation, ensures the authorities the intentions of a visa applicant.  Moreover, it specifies the period of their stay, the purpose of their visit, and the surety of their return.

Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers have put the embassies around the world on guard.  Therefore, the flight reservation has been a compulsory item in the visa application form to avert any such situation.