Freetown to Monrovia is a major journey on the West Africa overland route.  Here is how I traveled from Freetown to Monrovia by land.  This journey was taken in February 2020.

Freetown to Bo

Share Taxi from Freetown to Bo

Firstly, you must make your way to Freetown Central Lorry Park and take the next available share taxi to Bo.  The journey takes around 4 hours on a nicely paved road.  When you pay, you will be told where to sit and also receive a receipt.  It’s worth buying the 2 front seats to give yourself a comfortable journey with panoramic views as you head to Bo.  However, it was nearly full when I arrived so I chose the back seat instead of waiting for the next bus.  The space is decent on the back seat but leg room is a little tight.

Bo to Border of Sierra Leone / Liberia

Shared taxi from Bo to Liberia border

I decided to break my journey in Bo.  After staying overnight I woke up early and took a share taxi to the Liberia border early morning.  They leave when full from this Shared Taxi Park.  Journey time from Bo to Jendema on the Liberia border is around 4 hours on unpaved roads.

Crossing the Sierra Leone / Liberia Border

Freetown to Monrovia - Condition of the Road

After a rough 4 hour journey from Bo, you will arrive at Jendema on the Sierra Leone Liberia border.  Locals take motorbike taxis from Jendema to the Sierra Leone exit point and so did I.  The motorbike waits for you to be stamped out before taking you for your Liberia entry stamp and onto the shared taxis to Monrovia.  The town on the Liberia side is called Bo Waterside.  As a result I had just traveled from Bo to Bo!

Liberia Visa

How to Get a Liberia Visa in Freetown

Did you pick up a Liberia Visa in Freetown?  You need to buy your visa in advance to cross the border.  Read how to get a Liberia Visa in Freetown.

Sierra Leone / Liberia Border to Monrovia

Freetown to Monrovia by land

On the border I met a group of Spanish movie producers who were heading to Monrovia.  They were creating Atlantico, an overland journey from Finisterre, Spain to Cape Town, South Africa.  Whether you travel in a share taxi or you’re lucky enough to be offered a ride, it should take around 4 hours to Monrovia.  Finally, the roads throughout Liberia are in excellent condition.

Be safe and enjoy the journey from Freetown to Monrovia.

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